Welcome back Mr. Lumsden

He looked great tonight in his four carries. Congratulations Jesse. Every coach in the league, including ours, will be kicking themselves next year when Lumsden tears up the league.


If Paul LaPolice is still HC in Winnipeg next year, he might be more inclined to be bitter that Lumsden turned his team down.

He carried the ball when the cat defence wanted to get into the showers instead of making tackles.
Actually I thought Calgary ran up the score by putting Lumsden in.I'm sure they knew Lumsden would want play 'all out'.

Putting in a sub to run the ball in mop-up time is not running up the score. Calgary was not going to do kneel-downs with a few minutes left, so what does one expect? You compete in those situations and test his shoulder between the whistles. If it had been bombs away, one could argue it was a run-up kind of deal. Fair is fair, IMHO.

Great to see Jesse back where he belongs!

Oski Wee Wee,


I was surprised at how excited I was to see him run well, and how much I was rooting for him.

Wish he was still in Hamilton.

Hope he stays healthy and tears up the league next year.

Me too, on all statements.

Except against us, please.


I'm ok with him teariing it up aganst us, as long as we win. :wink:

If they ran up the score putting Jesse in at that point, you're saying you knew he would do well because he has it and is good to go with his injury issues. In that case, we should have signed him as a backup. In pro ball you should never figure to do well at any time I think, you have to earn it on every play, or should.

Don't get me wrong I loved Jesse when he WAS a Ticat but Jesse turned down a contract offer from us to become a free agent, which was his right to do so, BUT, It was his decision to leave us. :expressionless:

Four carries for 40 yards and a TD in mop-up duty and people already declaring Lumsden back? Never underestimated the ability of Tiger-Cat fans to hype this guy. :roll:

We'll see Blogsee, we'll see. People are also quick to put him down.
Can you imagine what he could do for our short yardage problems?

Yes, nothing. For a guy who has had a hard time staying healthy, I don't think he's the guy to fix any short-yardage problems.

He also sat out waiting to see who was in first place in the league at the time to sign with, so he can get a better change of getting a FREE Grey Cup ring - did he not have talks with Winnipeg and Edmonton too at the same time? (last place teams) :roll: :roll: :roll:

And how awesome would it be if Lord Jesse the Great was sitting on the sidelines as the Tiger-Cats kneel to win the Grey Cup? Would look good on him.

I would have done the same thinking about it, in all probability.

Well yes, Jesse would be pissed but come on man, don't put Jesse down like that, low class. 'Lord': give me a break, no need for that. :thdn:

Oh come on, Jesse chose Calgary because he can continue to train for his bobsleigh at the Olympic training centre. Also, if I was a betting man, he will have the last laugh if the Ticats face Calgary in the final. Not that I want that to happen, but after last night, I think we have a ways to go to beat Calgary.

I don't like Jesse Lumsden at all. Never have, never will. I know that's not popular around these parts, but I am entitled to my opinion. I think the guy is a, well, this is a family site so I won't write it. Let's just say, from what I've seen in person, the guy has a very high opinion himself.

Finally somebody agrees with me too, I never like him as a PLAYER too (my opinion).
The only reason the Cats signed him was beacuse of his dad.His dad has connections and friends in the CFL, and I hate to say it but the another reason why we siged him was to sell more tickets. :cowboy:
He remides me of Eric Lindros (same story)