Welcome Back Mo Lloyd!!

http://www.riderville.com/article/rider-roster-moves-1 Welcome back Mo lloyd! Not sure if he is going to be as good as he was a few years ago, but I think he should still do pretty well! Sad to see Barin Simpson go, hopefully if he doesn’t sign with another team he could give coaching a go. I think he would be a good position coach to start, and slowly move into DC!

eh, I think he's a problem in the dressing room, which is why he was let go, I for one don't like that he's back.

Does this mean that Richie Hall is Head Coach as where Richie goes Mo goes ???
not good :thdn:

Surprised this didnt happen earlier in the season. Glad Mo is back, but like others think I hope he's not cancerous in the dressing room. Richie at HC no thank-you. He's too passive for a HC position IMO.

There is truth to that; for one thing back then while in Edmonton Lloyd and Kepley didn't see eye to eye and that created a problem among other issues. Mo has been out of playing football for a year, so thus next season under Hall's Defence could be the return of Mo Lloyd in green and white in a positive way. Anyways, welcome back Mo Lloyd.

he wasn't successful in Edm with Hall so why would they want him here? Maybve he'll get cut in camp....I can't imagine he's in any shape after sitting a year!

well, they it is a good signing, even if it short term, seeing as Simpson is gone

[url=http://cjme.com/story/barrin-simpsons-career-ends-maurice-lloyds-gets-new-start/35148]http://cjme.com/story/barrin-simpsons-c ... tart/35148[/url]

I think Hall was doing both jobs in Edmonton, but in Regina when Lloyd was there Richie Hall was the DC. Mo Lloyd did do well back at that time (is what I was trying to point out) as opposed to; the conflict with Linebackers Coach Dan Kepley, so thus I feel Mo was off his game. Still has to earn it in TC mind you and I think Lloyd can make a comeback so to speak.

I do not want to see Hall back as the Defensive Coordinator.

whoever Taman decides to hire as the Head Coach should have the ability to choose who HE wants as the DC.

better not have Hall automatically penciled in!

Pencil him out - I don't want Richie to have anything to do with our defense next year.

I would be just fine if Richie is our DC next year, but I want him to be the new head coach's choice. From all the reports I have heard the new candidates will get to have their choice, but I would not be surprised that Richie would be a top choice. Despite all the hate for him, he is a very solid defensive co-ordinator. In the games after Marshall left our defense only surrendered 23 ppg despite being on the field for a very disproportionate amount of time. If he was given a solid defensive line (it was getting better at the end) then he can make the rest of it work. The fact that Mo Lloyd knows Richie's defence very well, and has excelled in it, is only a plus.
Most of the people who hate on Richie use anecdotal evidence to hate on him, when really he is one of the most respected coaches in the league.

I don't hate him - completely the opposite - I like Richie - I just don't want him coaching in Saskatchewan any longer. It's time for fresh ideas and schemes on the defensive side of the ball. I'm tired of his bend but don't break philosophy that gives up 7 minute long drives when we need the O to get the ball back. How often do his defensive strategies put players in positions to make game changing plays - not often because they are playing too far off to make an effective play for the ball .
I just want someone new to spice up our defensive play - nothing against RH - I just think it's time we tried something new.

Maybe if he had DBs who could play man cover effectively, then Richie could give the D some different looks. But as long as guys like Graham are going to get lit up every time they try, then Richie has to scheme around these weaknesses. Its on the GM to get the right personnel on the field.