Welcome back Landon Rice to the O-Line.

Welcome back Landon Rice to the O-Line, after a brief 4 games in Montreal, welcome back to the Tiger-Cats and your team mates and fans!!

Go get the Argos on Labour Day, lets turn the second half of the season into wins!!


The value garnered from that trade just keeps getting better and better :slight_smile:

He hooched the pooch In Montreal and now he is back!!! Great news that Kavis Reed is such a great GM!$

Why did Montreal release him?

As a CFL veteran, his entire salary would count against Montreal’s cap after the 9th game, so they released him.

Welcome back Landon!

Great news { & trade…;0) }

London Rice …Curry dish in UK?

That’s huge - really glad to see him back, now if we could just grt Bomben back… ?

Landon would appear to be unusual among football players who, most often, become quite attached to their uniform number. 66 as a Manitoba Bison, then several years wearing 69 here, 55 for a few games in Montreal, and then he picks 63 on his return to Hamilton, when he quite likely could have got Isame Faciane to switch out of the 69 he’s had during his month here on the PR. Or, Rice’s old college # is also available. I wonder why.

The Beaches must be thrilled. Wonder if they can get a partial credit on their jerseys though.

  1. Very true, but the big question is, wouldn’t Kavis Reed have realized this when he made the
    trade ??

He obviously had to know what Rice’s salary was, and he had to be aware of the cap implications
regarding a veteran player after the 9th game of the season :-[ :-[

Reed could not be really that dumb, or could he be ?? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :-[ Unreal.

Maybe he didn’t budget for having 4 or 5 QBs on the 1-game injured list and still having to pay their replacements.

Or maybe he was desperate enough to get Johnny that he didn’t think through all the implications or thought he’d find another solution! Either way it’s a Ticats WIN! ;D

Two consecutive wins against Eastern teams ahead of them in the standings. Climbing a little in the standings. Seems to have secured a capable game manager in Pipkin, if not a legitimate rookie starter. Maybe Reed is a little bit shrewder than we first thought.

I see Landon has been thinking about his jersey #, too, and has decided now on going with his college #66. 63 has now been given to PR newcomer Kevin Palmer, one of 5 joining the September 1st expanded Practice Roster. The others are returnees D.J. May (LB) and Shakeir Ryan (WR), along with WR Bralon Addison, cut very recently from TOR’s PR, when they signed Duron Carter, and recent Grambling State QB DeVante Kincade. May was released from the Cats’ training camp, the last week of May, after being injured, and Ryan was one of our final cuts.

Nice read here

It's been a heck of a month for Tiger-Cats' Landon Rice and family

Man, I really wanna see what this guy looks like now:

[b]The 6-foot-6, 31-pound offensive lineman[/b] had only ever known the CFL life in Hamilton over five previous seasons as a pro, but suddenly wound up being part of the trade that sent Johnny Manziel to Montreal last month.

Talk about your walking broom sticks! :wink:

More like a hand-tamper but still… imagery stands