Welcome back Jeremiah Masoli we will be more than fine with you - Holy Moly!

2017 Proved you could lead this team, the players look up to you as their true leader and have fully bought into you as their quarterback. I'm looking forward to an entertaining year to say the least.

For the people judging him on the June Jones era of 6-4..

Lets remember this is no flash in the pan - he's put in 5 years here and has a pretty good college reel in his own right so he knows the spot light.

He was on the team during 2013 and 2014 Grey Cup - valuable experience, don't underestimate that.

From virtually the 4th string on the practice roster, He beat Rickey Ray in the 2015 ESF in Hamilton. (remember Jacory Harris and Jeff Mathews ahead of him).

He lost to Henry Burris in the 2015 EF but outperformed Burris in the QB stats - 349 yards for 71% completions in Ottawa in the EF. Pretty impressive in Ottawa in an EF when you weren't even dressed most of the year.

In 2016 he led a nice little comeback against Edmonton in Edmonton while setting leagues all time consecutive completion record.
Here are 23 nice little passes to help jog everyone's memory...

This guy has earned this job before Labour day in 2017! I have full confidence in him and I think the players do as well so let's get behind him, my only regret is it should have been a bit sooner. Looking forward to certainly being entertained this year at the very least.

Masoli and the Gang November 16, 2015.jpg

Welcome back? He never left.

He has earned the right to be our starting QB.

Great thread. Thanks Killer91, love the attitude. Totally with you on it.

Excellent input. Thank Heavens he didn't!

lets hope the shoelace and over throws slow down

6-4 where the only team with a winning record we beat was Winnipeg?

Ok. Those 5 years were rocky to say the least, but man his college reel...woooooeeeeeee.

Not only will I underestimate it, I will totally ignore a player that had the same impact as the Gatorade boy.

Highlighted and underlined for most dramatic effect.

Cherry pick. Al Bundy, Polk High. 4 TD's in a single game. Totally shredded it hoss.

He's had clunkers too.

Hey I love his .500 record too. He's totally Kevin Glenn material. The guy literally makes stupid game ending decisions and can't read deep receivers. But Killer91 has confidence in him. Thank god he can change his username at the end of this upcoming season.

Yeah but what about the 5 picks he threw in his 10 games, or that one time 3 years ago that he fumbled at the 1 yard line. What about that one time he overthrew the receiver on that swing pass?

Nah, sounds kind of average. I don't think he's our guy. :wink:

He's only been a starter for half a season but I respect your input. You probably didn't like Burris either though. At least we kept the guy with the good half of the season.

You're obviously being facetious, so what has he shown you that is above average?

6-4 against weak opposition? Ok, he's your guy then.

I love your ad populum though. See you next year.

Since 2015, specifically, every time he played, it was under the crappiest situations and he handled them all performed with little preparation mostly as our last hope and got better each time. Winning the 2015 ESF at home, Playing above average in the 2015 EF on the road. Labour Day 2017, taking over the debacle of a team with a new coach a new system and a crap team with guys in all different positions with the season on the line after 0-8 and winning and growing his game and that offence from there. Watch him with an open mind, the stuff he does ie: long option lateral to Speedy TD as an example are entertaining stuff. He has legs, but can pass too, touch, firm and deep. He sucks at 3rd and short, I will admit that. I think he is going to get better. Anyway, it's all just opinion, no need to call anyone Kevin Glenn. ( though I like him).

Hey Killer,
Don’t take the bait... If posters here can’t see the obvious improvement the team has had with Jeremiah at the helm then that is their shortcoming, not yours.
Reference the last 10 games for a starter. Then look at the 12 before that.
Little minds gotta hate... Oh well, reality just smacked them in the face.


No ad populum around here. There are however many who just can't see the obvious no matter how many ways it's explained to them.

Weak opposition eh? Masoli beat the Bombers and almost beat the 2 Grey Cup contenders if it wasn't for our defense choking late in those games.

Excuse after excuse to downplay Masoli's achievements. What is it really about him that you don't like? His hair maybe or that he's not as pretty as Zach?

Wrong. He started the first 6 games of 2016 while Zach was recovering from his ACL repair.

Hew head coach: check.
MUCH better defence: check.
MUCH better Offensive Tackles: check.
Dumbed-down playbook: check.
Use of a running game: check.
Vast majority of passes under 10 yards: check.
20% of passes completed BEHIND the line of scrimmage: chack.
At least 2/3 of his passing total were YAC: check.
UNDER throwing a SB swing pass by 5 years AND behind the LOS with zero pressure: check.

At least 2/3 of his passing total were YAC: check.
UNDER throwing a SB swing pass by 5 years AND behind the LOS with zero pressure: check.

These last two items is what worries me about this offence. Masoli did not show much accuracy on swing passes. How do you miss an open receiver 15 yards away by 5 yards? Not once but many times over. i hope he works on this shortcoming between now and TC.

He's always been erratic. As Marshall Ferguson says "You get the good with the bad when it comes to Masoli - because the good can be great"

One can only hope that more reps and time with Coach Jones will see even more improvement. I believe this team can build on D and in the running game from last year and that will make it less important that Masoli slings all night.

Its not a popularity contest.

Personally, I just felt Zac showed he was capable of being the #1 QB league wide, and quite possibly, one that would become a CFL legend. An injury derailed that, and I feel he was let go before I, and many fans felt we could unequivocally say Zac would never return to form.

Masoli has done all kinds of good, I'll agree. He is steadily getting better.

I guess the best way to summarize it is that the team had choose between the known capabilities of Zac which may not return, or the promising, unknown ceiling of Masoli. The fans were divided on what was the right course of action.

I was in the Zac camp, but Masoli is now our guy and I support him 100%. I'll set my expectations at a 9-9 season, that's my Masoli bar. I know he can hit that target, I wont feel 'right' or 'wrong' about him if he achieves that. I think he is capable of more than 9-9, but he gets above that, I'll say I was wrong about him and he's better then I gave credit for.

Masoli, 29, appeared in all 18 regular season games (10 starts) for the Tiger-Cats in 2017, registering 249 completions on 391 pass attempts (63.7%) for 3,177 yards, 15 touchdowns and five interceptions, while adding 70 carries for 446 rushing yards and four touchdowns. After being named Hamilton’s starting quarterback on September 4, Masoli led the Canadian Football League the rest of the season in passing yards (3,032) and rushing yards by a quarterback (384), was tied for second in passing touchdowns (15), and had the second-least interceptions (4) among starting quarterbacks over that span. He also earned CFL Top Performer of the Week honours twice (Week 12 & Week 16) and was named a CFL Top Performer of the Month in October.

So, I guess you're saying Masoli made everyone around him better? I just posted facts, and I don't see much more he could have done. He also outplayed Collaros in 2016, but I guess those games must have been somehow easier than Zach's. You're never going to get a more fair evaluation than 2 QBs who played on the same team, at the same time, with dramatically different results. Never.

Some more facts -- Coach Jones made the QB change immediately and never second guessed that decision. They let Zach go and signed Masoli. Seems like Jones thinks Masoli is better.

If most of his throws were short (I don't think that's a fact), then how did he average over 300 yards passing per game? Must have made a LOT of big plays....

The facts are noted above. The excuses for Zach are endless, but Masoli clearly was the better QB, and had Austin realized it he might have saved the season and saved his coaching job.