Welcome back Dave!!

WOW. First pass in a while, and a touch down to boot!! LOVE IT!!

Good to see you back Dave


Definitely good to see DD back. I wonder if Buck is hurt again and if he is, how bad? Didn't see him out there, holding for McCallum.

He came back in and threw a couple of good long passes after that. I would assume from that, that he's ok.

It was good to see all our guys back . But so far in these last two games , i have to admit JJ has still looked the best.

I can’t believe our quarterback’s both got hurt again . We got the best O -line , with sacks way down from previous years and they still get hurt.Buck was holding his arm like his shoulder got re-injured.Thank god we got D.D. to fall back on … he looks great again , I’m so glad his symptoms have gone and he can “get her done”.

I was surprised to see DD back. I honestly didn't think we'd see him again for the rest of the season. Should make the playoffs interesting!


Who starts vs Calgary? And were any of the QB's hurt tonight or were they just getting reps in?

Looked like JJ got a shot in the the ribs and looked like BP hurt his shoulder. That's the way I saw it in the game. At least DD got some reps

Looked the same to me. Just haven't heard if anything was serious or not. Thought something might have been said locally in BC

I'm in AB so I haven't heard anything either
Didn't say much on TV during game

Didn't get much either but check out TSN or this article from Canada.com

But i have a feeling JJ will start

DD looked great, especially considering how long it has been since he played. JJ did well too. I think both should play next game vs Calgary to get some reps. If we had another couple of weeks in the season, I'd want DD to start in the WDF but given the lack of game time I have a feeling we're gonna see JJ. IMO, even with all of the rust, DD seemed to be more aware of what was going on on the field.

Too bad about BP. Hope it's not serious.

Me too. I prefer BP to be the starter since DD has been out for 3 months.