Welcome Back Champion!!

Welcome back Tony Champion and his daughter who are back to support the Tiger-Cats in the Eastern Semi-Final on Sunday at Tim Horton's Field along with other Great Ti-Cat Alumni.

It's that Great Catch by Tony Champion in the 1989 Grey Cup in Toronto at Skydome against Kent Austin and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders that made history as one of the greatest catches in football and given the circumstances of the player and his ability to make such a great catch that almost won the game for the Tiger-Cats in 1989.

Check out the story by Steve Milton on Tony Champion back in Hamilton:

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/6117791-from-a-champion-s-perspective/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/611 ... rspective/[/url]

Let's cheer our Tiger-Cats on to become Champions on Sunday!!


That's a great story. It was an amazing catch, one of the very best ever in all of football. I know Tony was estranged from the team after his departure for a while. It's great to see him back in the fold. I hope he does get to address the team before the game: his message is a good one.

Thanks for being here Tony.

We remember Champions catches!!!
Thanks Tony Champion!!!!
Welcome back,class move,thanks Caretaker!!!


Simply put the GREATEST catch of ALL TIME :thup: :thup: :thup:



great catch no doubt but Taskers over the shoulder upside down backwards catch this season trumps it the only dif Tony,s was a TD :rockin:

Sorry, not a chance.

The thing that strikes me about watching that replay is that in 2015 that same play would have been called back for offensive pass interference because Champion's hand made contact with the defender. In 1989 the players were still more important than the refs.

If I'm not mistaken Tony was playing with cracked ribs too.

Not cracked broken He said so on CHCH

8) You are right ExPat, I noticed the exact same thing, and thought the same as you !!
   Would have been OPI today, from these modern day refs !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

According to Milton's article, he was playing with broken ribs - during the post-game interviews, he was coughing up blood... :cry:

Yes Broken Ribs and by far the best Catch of All Time in Pro Football by Tony Champion!!

I hope as well that he gets to address the players prior to the Eastern Semi-Final game tomorrow in Hamilton, what an inspiration.

Many thanks to the Caretaker Bob Young and the Ti-Cat Players Alumni for bringing Tony back to Hamilton, where he played so many great games as a Tiger-Cat player and member of the community.

Let's Eat The Argos Raw, Tiger-Cats!!


I was at sky dome for that game and will never forget that catch and also that kick :thup: :thdn: classic game !

How dare they enforce the rules the way the board of governors, acting on recommendation from the rules committee, has prescribed.

Sometimes sports leagues change their rules. It's a fact of life. If there were never rule changes, there would be no forward pass.

Actually from what I recall when the rule changes were announced a certain amount of "hand fighting" was to be allowed. That contact I think would qualify as that. Regardless it could have been called either way as I see it, and it really didn't affect the play.