Welcome Back Boys

Well Guys I am more happy then ever to be a bomber fan with the signing of Juran Bolden and Ike Charlton. Man Life Is Sweeeeeeeet.

You have said it all!

There has to be fall out, who will be the casualties ?

Hall or Jenkins

Bush, Malbrough

They can't keep all of them.

...SOMEONE OR SOMEONES will have to go...wow what can you say....i just got through ripping Taman on a thread and he pulls this one off.....We are going to have a VERY DIFFERENT looking secondary shortly....go BIGBLUE.... :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

I think Hall will be the linebacker that is odd man out, at least as the starter eventually if Charlton still has his mojo. Jenkins has been around the ball a lot more than Hall all season.

They will probably try to trade some of the second tier db's and/or Marlbrough (or he may go on 9 game injured list) since some of their salaries are locked in for this season even if cut. Man, Hebert and Bolden in the defensive backfield.....there's going to be some major licks coming from of those two guys! Our defence just improved a lot if those two guys still have their skills of before.

I'm super pumped! Now the offence should be able to feel comfortable putting up some points, and knowing that could be enough.

Look out guys, I think we're going for it all this year! :rockin:

zeig u said it. cam hall has to be the odd man out, bolden and charlton are both proven defenders that will take starting rolls. and cam hall has been getting lit up while jenkins has been all over the offences he faces.

when it comes to bush and malbrough i say that bush keeps his spot because malbrough hasn't has alot of chances to shine yet and that will make him miss out.