Welcome Back Avon aka "Dueces"

And he's back...................


Posted this in another thread but its more appropriate here:

Welcome back Avon but I was hoping we'd go a different direction. Oh well, as long has he plays well, although I still think it should be a competition between Walker and Cobourne, nobody should have a job handed to them.

I too was hoping for a different choice but will be happy with this if he walks the walk and restrains the talk.

No doubt this is the best move at this juncture. So glad it wasn't Cates or Reynolds coming to town. Still hoping to see Cobourne and Chevon Walker used in tandem this year similar to what we saw near the end of last season before Terry Grant was injured.

Finally something I can agree with :lol:

This move particularly makes sense considering that while we hope for the best, there is no guarantee that either Mallett or Grant will be able to suit up even in 2013. Plus there is no guarantee that the remaining stable of RBs will all be able to stay healthy for all of 2012. I'm still bummed about Mallett's injury, but at least it happened early enough in the season to give the team a decent amount of time to make alternate arrangements as smooth as possible.

I dont understand the talk of Avon being a bad choice or he better walk the walk etc. He was nothing but a positive leader and productive player last year. Man some people have short memories

The kind of player you love to hate when he is on the opposition but love to have on your team :wink:

We should be fine with the Cobourne/Walker combo.
Avon garnered nearly 1000 yds rushing and 500 yds receiving last season.
His athletic abilities can't have declined much, if any, in the past few months..

and Grant is slated to come off the IR by September, adding depth for the final 1/3 season.

Even if the admirable Reynolds was signed instead of Avon, we'd still be in decent shape at RB IMO.

Cates and Reid are questionable though..

I agree.

It sucks that Mallett got hurt. But I'm actually pumped about Cobourne coming back.

and Grant is slated to come off the IR by September, adding depth for the final 1/3 season.

Where did you here the above??? I must have missed it.

I recall reading from Drew, either at Scratching Post or on Twitter, that he was put on the 9 game IR. No guarantees he'll be ready by then, though.

8) As to the above post, there is no guarantee that Grant will even play at all this year, or ever again for that fact.
   The same applies to Mallet's future as a football player.

    Very unfortunate indeed.  Two quality players whose careers could be over !!

The dude talks the talk and then walks the walk.


Has his game face 24/7

Dueces is back for reportedly the same money as last season.($150K per)


[b]It is believed Cobourne, who was the CFL's highest paid running back last season at around $150,000 per season, is returning to the CFL at the same level of compensation.

In his lone season in Hamilton, Cobourne rushed for 961 yards and eight touchdowns while adding 50 catches for 459 yards through the air.[/b]

This is a good signing for both Avon and the team.
Avon will be motivated to say the least!
Mallets Contract comes off the cap so that should help.

I was sorry to see Avon go, and I’m glad to see him back

:thup: :rockin: 1000 yds baby :rockin:

While I agree, pretty much, with your comments, you did leave out the fact that he was (and is) overly expensive and noisy.

Glad to see him back. I disagreed with the decision to let him go.
He should be good for another couple of years.