Welcome Alexandre Gauthier

Welcome to Hamilton, Alexandre. Here's wishing you the best of success in helping our team compete for and win the Grey Cup.


Indeed. Welcome Alexandre to the Balsalm Bengal Bunker (wait, do we still say that?).

good signing for u guys... solid ratio buster indeed!


Great signing!!!

Welcome to Hamilton, Alexandre!

It's a treat to have you aboard!

Prior to the Gauthier signing, I said that he was the FA who was most likely to sign here. This was because this team needed a good tackle and good NI talent. For those reasons, Gauthier, being a good NI tackle, was just what we needed. Great signing.

Welcome aboard, Gauthier. I'm sure we'll ensure your name is spelled correctly on your jersey. (As I recall, it was spelled "Guathier" during last year's EDSF game.) :slight_smile:

Welcome, Alexandre! We needed you bad!@#

Help keep our QB’s on their feet! :slight_smile:

I am very pleased to see Alexandre Gauthier sign with our beloved Tiger-Cats. He is a man who wants to be here, for all the right reasons. He will help our O-line immensely. As for Murphy, so be it. We tried to get him; he opted for the 4th-place team in the East, in the City of Losers (Canadian version). Bienvenue a Hamilton, Alexandre! Felicitations! Nous sommes tres heureux to have you on our team! Pardonnez mon francais, mais vous comprenez ce que je veux dire. Now, let's bang some heads and give our QB some time to shine! On to the Grey Cup!