Welcom Back Ottawa

Only preseason, but the performance from them...a brand new team...has to be encouraging for the fans! They did not make a lot of massive mistakes...no more than most clubs in the 1st preseason game and looked overall pretty cohesive. good stuff

Yeah, lets hope we get a 10th team soon!

Indeed. I was dreading multiple penalties and INT's because of miscommunication, but that didn't really happen. Pretty happy overall.

whoa there! let’s try to sort out Toronto first and hang on to 9 teams.

I was impressed with the lack of mistakes by the REDBLACKS. The kick returner looks great, he just has to learn not to run punts out of the end zone but experienced CFL vets can make the same mistake.

Now is precisely the time to strike while the league is hot.
With a new CBA guaranteed for 5 years, a new team will be able to make money if the same blueprint of Ottawa is in place.

Same, I'm thinking Quebec might be the better way to go now as opposed to Moncton or Halifax, + football is hot in QC!.

The team will practice on the field for the first time on Friday

[url=http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/football/cfl/redblacks-expecting-first-stadium-at-new-practice-friday]http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/footbal ... ice-friday[/url]

Good luck tonight to the Ottawa Rough Riders. You will always be my team.

To the fans... I know it is not a home game but congrats on having the team. It was a LONG time in coming and well deserved.

Start cooking up the BeaverTails! I'm coming home.

Same here. :thup:

After seeing Hamilton struggle with their QBs and the Als not looking very good at QB, the REDBLACKS could be challenging for first. Looking forward to seeing how they do against the Esks, the Ticats almost knocked them off even with their struggling QBs.