Weirdo87 and all other Esks fans.

weirdo - just got back from the game. I thought it was good hard fought game and the Esks came out on top. I guess your trash talking worked but wanted to show you I was man enough to return to hear you and the other esks fans gloat.

We brought noise for 3 hrs straight lost my voice at the end too. But the Green and Gold took it too us. Hats off to the Eskis and their coaches. I'd say Fleming was at the top of his game. Congrats to the fans and here's the keys to our locker room.

What a great game. Represent Eskis! Do the West proud.

who is the lesser of the two evils to cheer for at next weeks game???

Good post Lionbacker, you forgot to include the other trash talker the high school drop out that butchers the English language, RNR,

Anyways, to other GOOD Eskimos fans, good game and good luck next week. Represent the West well!

whats thats youss says tht butchering it enough for you,,,

I think next year all the west teams should make it a priority to steal all of the esk players, and force Edmonton to follow the cap.

hey moron, every team is above the cap, so why dont you get your ass belowthe cap, so shut up unless you are below the cap to.

Can someone translate?

jm02...Where are you?

Hey everybody it is too bad what happend , we have to sighn printers to keep our fan base dinckeson does not do it for me, i heard printers agent today saying he wants to be back in in vancouver, first he will look at his optins in the nfl later,from what i got out of him is i think he knows he has to develope more about 3 years more and then take his big shot it in the nfl, pleas sighn him trade dickenson for a lot of help on the o-line,and a kicker we will be excellent for yeatrs to com.oh yaeh get joe poapoa in here as our offensive cordinater, get rid of jauque.

Lions started slow, strugglied along, fought back to tie, but failed afterwards to win. It's the same old story, so I don't know what Coach Buono did during the two weeks off.

It was very disappointing to say the least.

I don't think Dickenson would be worth much anymore in a trade considering how injury prone he is.

I'm right here, Sporty.....I believe what he was trying ever-so-eloquently to say was that he can't spell worth ****, and that he thinks that fairy ride over to BC is a short ride away for him.....

Boy Ralph really needs to put more money in the Education system up in Edmonton. W*& and RNR are good examples of that. Good thing jm02 is around so we can understand them.

Hey at least no one is whining in here about the refing. That is all that they are doing on Lionsbacker

Look Hard Budha...there was some whining.

We've analyzed the game to death.......Next year.