I must say I have never seen a more negative crew about a team that has worked so hard. The bully group led by DAP just flood his place with BS and are only concerned about proving their supposed points. Lose because of. Win in spite of. They are only concerned with their POV. Joke. They would rather have Montreal fail, fold even than even give a bit of credit. Such a shame.

[i]What's weird is you Slant always starting topics to pick a fight. You certainly have a hard on for bashing DAP.

He contributes tremendously to this board. One might not agree with him on every occasion, but his analyses of the Als, as well as his knowledge of X and Os is impressive. Also, fans are allowed to be critical. Real fans enjoy the success, but are critical of things that should and could be better. That's what separates a real fan from a groupie.

So stop acting like a little b*tch trying to start fights. :cowboy: [/i]

I presume, then, that you've never been on the Tiger-Cats forums the day after they happen to lose a game. . .

haha,,,yeah I've been there. Losses are one thing. But even after win after win, now in the final, the crew is still ragging on coaches to get their head out of their ass, nitpicking on flaws, next year will be brutal...etc. etc... It seems like failure is more appreciated because it reinforces their beliefs. As I say I just find it weird.

You like to put words in peoples mouth a lot 8)

To anybody who follows this team (unlike you). The Als in spite of AC's retirement are the "most veteran" team in the league. Most of the key starters are now in their thirties, that includes our two NI tackles, our two halfbacks, Two all star Linebackers Cox and Hebert also SJ who is coming in that bracket and a potential FA. We also accept that Duron Carter (the team's #1 receiver) this year will not return. Logic dictates that this team will face challenges in the coming couple of years as it HAS TO replace many, many starters.

As you can see most here either ignore or ridicule you. Yet you persist, I guess you have a horse in the race :smiley:

yup you have succeeded in making this a 3 person forum.
yet I persist.

You obviously can't count but that's ok, persist :thup:

MDR! :lol:

Mangeu De Rotteux ??? :lol:

ahhhh Mort de Rire... :thup:

I just noticed this column last evening, though it over and, decided to share my opinions of this Forum site. I have been following-- Divisional Final Montreal @ Hamilton with great interest and, using thread as an example, do wish to share my opinions, of its content, with all of you. The most notable feature of this thread is that, a minority of fans do, supply most of its content. Starting with section 2 of the Montreal @Hamilton section, I counted the numbers of posts placed by all participants and found that there were a total of 31 posted comments. The number of persons who contributed was 8. This make the average number of posts per person is thus 3.87. Two persons contributed 20 posts- that is two persons provided 64.5 % of the posts. There is no problem with this as, there are no rules defining how many posts are permitted within each thread. Although I have noted that, occasionally a monitor will somehow question weather another post on a topic is appropriate, which then, after consideration, the presenter makes a decision as to submit or, to not submit, this particular post. One is thus free to submit any number of posts per thread.
As noted the Montreal @lHamilton thread, in my estimation contained some really great notions as to how Montreal should at first attack the Hamilton defense. One of the 10 grouping subgroups submitted very interesting comments. While all of us thought a typical first move of our team would likely be- RB off OT. This particular person detailed, in specific terms, what our team should do in facing the Hamilton defense. Frankly, as a person who contributed exactly 2 posts, I found that this information contributed greatly to my understanding of what initial offensive moves of the Als should most effectively be.
In summary, I found the information provided by all participants was indeed most helpful in expanding my knowledge of how our team might approach the TiCAT defense- the information from one of the high frequency reporters I found particularly good. There was no negatively at all in the material in this posting. I would hope more fans would take a more active part in this Forum. I have been a member of this Forum for several years and, enjoy it to the fullest. Occasionally I have found material that I have found offensive, for example the "Fire Higgins" thread I thought was too negative. My response was to not participate in it. Participants are free to submit as many posts as they desire. Occasionally the monitor will intervene, when appropriate and, these have been suspensions of some participants.

[i]Mort de rire, oui!

Mangeux de rotteux? Slant est plutôt un mangeur de saucisses…

Ca rappel une veille joke à Johnny. Pourquoi Slant ne mange pas des sandwichs à la merde?

Il n'aime pas le pain! :smiley: [/i]

The teams' recent success puts some of the more negative comments in perspective. If the Als win tomorrow, they'll be serving some humble pie to myself and others as well. I'll take that over a loss.

Now your sensitivity inspires some poetry.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Don't wet your bed
Over DP's point of view.
You say he's a bully, that's quite the notion
Head back to Lush, for a soothing face lotion
A manucure, a facial, whatever it takes
To balance your energies and clean out your states
And so refreshed, call on your buddies
Over for a marathon of Barney and Teletubbies
This wretched verse, I offer to you Slant
In honor of your delicate and unending rant.

Very nice post, Niagara, and I highlighted the part in bold because it seems relevant. The notion of someone starting a thread bashing other members for not being mindlessly positive about the team is quite funny. The member doesn't like the opinions he sees, because they're too negative to him, but his response is to attack other members here and increase the negativity on the forum. :smiley:

Bullies !


Good poem Phil! I hope you will give us another poem tomorrow, with the title-" Ode to an Alouette Victory" !!

Phil, your poem brought Johnny to tears! :thup: