I’ve been in Edmonton for 3-4 days now. Since the CFL is more popular and respected in these parts, I expected to see a greater Eskies presence than I do Argos or TiCats in S. Ont. So far, I’ve only seen two visible signs of CFL fandom, and of all things, the first one I saw was a TiCats fan (It will surprise no one that the other one was a Riders fan). But where are the Eskies fans? Is it just not a CFL thing to wear clothing from your team, unless your team is the Riders? I recognize that not everyone will wear team clothing, but I’m surprised that it’s rare enough that I could be here for so long without seeing it. Am I just in the wrong part of the city?

I see Bombers gear being worn wherever I go in Winnipeg so no, it's not just a Rider thing. As for Edmonton, you'll probably start seeing it soon now that TC is going on.

I'm leaving tomorrow, so I don't think I'll have the chance, unless the SkyShuttle driver's a fan :stuck_out_tongue:

how many I AM NOT CHEERING FOR THE CANUCKS shirts did you see :wink:

Surpised you would not see more bruins stuff than esk right now :twisted:

You see plenty of Bruins fans in Hamilton.Usually it's %98 Toronto Make me laughs.Bruins suck, go Nucks. :rockin:

You know, I've always seen a surprising amount of people wearing Habs stuff in Hamilton, although I think it's mainly in protest to the Leafs and their fanbase. Of course, the Leafs are the vast hockey majority here, which I really wish wasn't the case. It always perplexes me how many people chant Argos Suck and Leafs Rule.

Anyways, go Vancouver. Bring the cup back home to Canada.

Because the Leafs and Argos are two different teams. Is it weird that people can chant "Argos Suck" and "Go Jays Go"? Two different leagues, two different teams. It doesn't seem weird to me at all. Besides, there is no Hamilton franchise in the NHL. Personally, I don't hate the Argos because they're in Toronto, I hate them because they are the Argos.

And I have no problem admitting this, but if Hamilton did not have a CFL team, I'd probably be an Argos fan. I know that sounds sacrilegious, but if the Tiger-Cats never existed, it makes sense to me to cheer for the team closest to you.

u know what's really weird? The training camp report for today written by the alouettes own staff Staff

MONTREAL-- For the first time since the opening of training camp, quarterback Anthony Colville was in shoulder pads while joining his teammates at Coulter Field at Bishop's University on Wednesday morning.

Quarterback Anthony Colville. Not so much weird and friggin hilarious considering all he's done for that franchise. Wow.

Als are in the process of cleaning up their entire PR, marketing department. Your example is one of many...

give it 2 weeks