Weird remarks?

What did everyone think about the weird remarks that were run on the sound system between plays albeit instead of music...remarks such as "Scotch, scotch, scotch, I like scotch" and some other unrecognizable dialogue. I thought it was terrible and I would raher have the music anyday. I am not sure of the intent of this type of remark...except that it seemed weird! Let's hope they get rid of it!

Have to agree with you on that. There were several of them. The first one, I thought was someone accidentally talking into the mic. That scotch one was weird too.

Did not get any of them.

Hope they do not happen every game.

The scotch remark sounds like it's a sound byte from "Anchorman: The Rob Burgundy Story". Would it have made more sense if it had have been, "I love the smell of napalm first thing in the morning," or "I feel the need: The need for speed!"?

Or more Austin Powers, Shrek type one-liners.

I thought I heard a "Very nice..." (Boreat), a Family Guy line (can't remember which), and a "I love GOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLD" (Goldmember).

Personally, I thought they were funny.

i heard adam sanlder, after a big hit. "time to open up a can of whoop ass"

definitely trying to appeal to the young'uns still without gettin all cartoon-y about it.

Lol, I think they should show some diversity, an old, old wooden ship used during the civil war era. (I love Anchorman)

I didn't notice them at all. Maybe they weren't loud enough to be heard where I sit.. who knows.. they DEFINITELY sound kinda strange IMHO

Looks like section 30 got spared the weirdness.
Okay by me.

Me too!

My kids and I were killing ourselves. It was very funny.

As the night wnet on, we couldn't wait for the next one.

We thught they were very funny, and timed appropriately so that it did not distract from the game and provided some very good entertainment.

Very well done!

Its too much. Put the focus on football. Keep the entertainment to breaks and halftime.

i thought it was supid. id rather just hear music

I love Ron Burgundy(Will Farrell)and Austin Powers(Mike Myers). Keep the oneliners coming!
Pat Lynch (the really old guy in section 7 )

He one for pat
Everyone loves there own Brand..

I think they are great and they aren't as invasive as the loud music was last year.

If you wanted to discuss the play with your friends (much like I do!) you still have the ability to.

And if your friends are downstairs on a beer run, then you can be entertained by Rob Schneider yelling, "You can dooo ittt!"

Alllll night long!

There were others but only dogs could hear them.

An Argo-Cat fan

(Barney) There were others but only dogs could hear them.

An Argo-Cat fan

That's right, Barney, and my dog felt insulted. He kept toppling over as he attempted to block his ears with his front paws.

I notice that a very large part of the entertainment interludes in the US is still largely predicated on march music. I guess I'm old, (and so is my dog) but I love this stuff at a football game.

Oddly enough, you hear most of the march songs at US college games where the crowd is predominantly young.

This music is downright inspiring at football games to old dudes like me.

Its called brain washing you to buy a scotch!LOL