Weird question...

Heya. As you probably know, a friend and I plan on coming to McMahon stadium this season.

When he was younger, this friend's idol was Brett "The Hitmen" Hart. So he said to me this week "Hey, while we're there, we should try to find Stu Hart's Dungeon."

I know Stu has passed away. Is his dungeon still existing? Can such a thing be visited? And if so, is it far from McMahon stadium?

I agree. Weird question.

.........The Hart children sold their parent's home about six months ago to a local developer who mentioned something at the time of the sale about 'opening it up to the public'..............since then no news.......the place sits on some pretty nice land along the Bow River so more than likely it'll be mowed down for condos........about 10 minutes from McMahon........

Third and Ten, When I went to McMahon 3 years ago there was a really good place called Nicks. I remember it was walking distance from McMahon...(at least I think I remember it being close by Red And White, help me if I'm wrong ). I remember it being a real football/ sports atmosphere. Seems to me the owner was one of the players fathers?

Try it...We enjoyed ourselves there.

Niks Steak and Pizza cross over the plus 15 from the stadium. Tim Petros was his son that played for the Stampeders. Very good food and service.

For some reason every time I'm in Calgary I end up eating at the Denny's near there. I hate that place, but it's inevitable. What the hell is up with that?

Speaking of the Harts, my mom's friend dated Bret Hart in the 1970's. And Bruce Hart was my friend's gym teacher. Also, on an unrelated note I used to work at a car wash with "Jason the Terrible" from Stampede Wrestling, except his name was Stu.

Eskjebus, you got up your standards my man. Denny’s will kill you eventually. The food at Nick’s is great.

Thanks R&W2005...My spelling was off, but at least I still remembered. I remember the good food, and the atmosphere, (Pictures and jerseys) Seems to me the Nachos and Pizza were fabulous.....

Hmmmm, I need another road trip to Calgary...LOL

Ha ha ha let me know I will meet you there you got me hungry!

I lived in Calgary from 1989-2004. Went to dozens of Stamps games in that time. Drove by Nick’s every time I went to a game(picture of some 70’s lookin guy with black hair and a 'stache, with a yellow backdrop as the sign, if I’m not mistaken). Heard how great it was by a buddy. Yet I’ve still NEVER gone there b4. When I go back there to visit, I’ll definitely have to go check it out.

On a side note, when you walk through those plus-15 style tunnels to go to the Saddledome(you know, those ones that lead you through the Corral, and have big pictures of the 1988 Olympics hanging up), there’s a western-style restaurant on your right hand side that you pass. I’ve passed that place going to a Flames game every time since I was six, and have always wanted to go there, yet I never have. Can anyone tell me if that place is any good? Something tells me I have to start heading down to Stamps / Flames games a little earlier, so I can actually sit down and have a decent meal at these places. Too busy pre-gamin er I guess…

Yes, I have gone in there a few times that food is not bad a few years ago have not been back.

Every time I go to a Flames/Hitmen game, I walk past that little western restaurant, and it's always empty and shaded ... they must just close it before games?? Frankly, I'm not even sure how to get IN there!

It is open for trade shows and you can access it from the second floor. It is open primarily during the Stampede too.