Weird posts

What’s with all of these weird posts? Has the Als’ forum been hacked? This is not the first time I’ve seen something like this! I am seriously beginning to have misgivings about this forum.

Non. C'est un spammer qui tente de faire la promotion de certains sites ou produits. Ça se voit souvent sur les forums. Le type va certainement être identifié par StopForumSpam et sera barré un peu partout.

Les sites des Argonauts et des Lions ont aussi été infectés. Donc, seuls les gros marchés sont visés. S'ils savaient, les cons! :lol:

That is what a busted forum looks like. Flagged the posts last night and they are still here… I don’t think Bob Young has appointed a moderator in 3 years. We have to wait for Chief to come back from one of his benders I guess :cowboy:

You used to have someone who cleaned up regularly......But!

Not to worry. The forum hasn't been hacked. It's just a bug from changing the forum software. As a result of the change, the spam started sneaking through again. The Argos board was also hit. Just keep reporting it, and we'll deal with it. Thanks.

Thanks, Chief; glad to know someone's hand is on the switch!

Merci Chief!

Here we go again! What is happening with this forum?

Chief, please do your thing and help end this!

Au nom de tous les vrais usagers de ce forum, merci Chief!