weird coincedence

haha random thing i found amusing, when i bought madden nfl 2004 when it first came out that year i created a team... and instead of having a normal team i just went through the free agency and signed players i thot i liked regardless of how bad they were, r.j. soward, vinny sutherland, karsten bailey were in my recieving core along with a few other nflers, i created myself as starting Qb ofcourse and tee martin and brad banks were my backups, and later in the season i had kenyon rambo on my team also.... nd then bam this season (and most of last season for some) these guys r in the cfl.... it freaked me out but its kinda cool

thats what happens when you pick mediocre nfl players

........Ken-Yon Rambo is beginning to impress us here in you keep an eye on him.........

Weild things happen with my games too, like my NBA season predicted that a team in the West would win this year (the team I created won) and the Spurs won!

But the freaky one was that all my games predicted that the Tampa Bay Bucs would win a Super Bowl when they sucked and I never believed it, until they won as the underdogs in 2002!!!

Also, my games predicted that La and Detroit would meet in the NBA finals in 2004, but it predicted that the Lakers would win, oh well... close!

In Madden 2003, I had Dave Dickenson, Trevor Gaylor, Ronney Jenkins, Tay Cody and Davis Sanchez (and Doug Flutie) in my team. My friend had Spergon Wynn. In 2005, he has Ken-Yon Rambo and I have Ricky Ray and Tay Cody.

In the new 2005 game, there is John Avery and Trevor Gaylor. I have both on my time and they are starting and have turned into good players with me working on them. I also have Ricky Ray, who plays behind Michael Vick. (He got injured my first two seasons, so Ricky Ray improved to like a 89)

Right Now The Francise I Am Playing With (Madden 2004) I've Got Burris As My Backup QB And RJ Soward, Rob Baker And Ken Yon Rambo As Backup WRs (I Hope None Of My Starters Don't Go Down Cause I'll Be Screwed If They Do) It's Really Cool Seeing CFLers In These Games, And You Can Always Beable To Add Them To Your Rosters Cause They Never Cost To Much And Are Always Free Agents.

the joys of having lower skilled recievers. wouldn't that be awesome if the CFL took in enough revenue that the mediocre CFL players went to the NFL. Never happen.