Weird Coaching Decisions

Is it just me, or has 2012 seen more bad/weird decisions by head coaches in the East than we have been used to?


Montreal: Trestman challening a non-challengeable play and getting his team penalized;

Toronto: Milanovich using DBs at both OLB spots and going with re-treads who couldn't stick elsewhere as his offensive line;

Hamilton: Cortez failing not once but twice to throw a challenge flag when he should have;

Winnipeg: Burke not going for the field goal late in the last game and punting instead;

Have any of the Western coaches committed such blunders?

now I don't remember who so don't ask me but Western Coaches have made some blunders as well.

I don't know if you remember the Eskimos Quarterback situation, I think it may apply :wink:

We dressed 2 extra bruising RB's for a grand total of 3 carries for 8 yards and 1 carry for 6 yards respectively then we used the little speedy guy to pound the middle late in the game.

We kept Chris Bauman for twice as long as Greg Carr.

Benvedies failled to use a time out late in the second quarter of a game and the squandered an opportunity to try a field goal. (I forget which game) But I believe the Lions won so it was a "Moot point". Had they lost I'm sure we would have heard lots of comments about rookie mistakes.

But I agree with you Mad Jack. The funny thing is all these Coaches have CFL experience and should know the rules. Although I must admit, I shook my head at some of the Charlie Taffe challenges that he tried to challenge.

2010 Grey Cup, Riders ST coach Jim Daley late in the 3rd qtr decided that the ALs being 3rd and 2 on the Riders side of midfield was the perfect time to put 2 returners back to field the punt (they were having terrible returns all year). Of course, removing a blocker from the line just invited the Als to run the direct snap fake and easily extend their drive, which ultimately earned them a FG en route to a 3 point win.

THE MOST boneheaded play call in a grey Cup EVER!

Although Jim Popp's (in)famous 3rd down gamble with 40 seconds left and a 2 point lead in the East semi of 2007, handing the Bombers instant FG range was astoundingly stupid, probably the dumbest coaching mistake I have ever witnessed.

Wally also elected to punt for a single in OT in Regina in '06 or '07. All they needed was a point to win, and they lost yards either by sack or by penalty (can't remember), but instead of trying a long FG he wanted to punt for the corner of the endzone and McCallum came up short, I think it bounced out at the 4 yd line or something. Riders scored a TD on the next possession and won the game. That was a real head-scratcher for sure.

Winnipeg taking a time count in the final 2 minutes, losing a down and having to punt it away instead of being able to run out the clock to end the half.

Jim Daley convincing Ken Miller to punt for a single and the win against Calgary in 2010, Stamps easily run it out and it goes to OT where the Riders eventually win.

The Stamps opting to throw a pass in the final minute with the lead against Montreal, it gets picked off and nearly returned for a TD. Montreal ends up winning.

Wally Buono sitting the eventual MOP Casey Printers to start an ice-cold Dave Dickenson in the 2004 Grey Cup game.

I don't remember what the game was in question, but B.C. was down by 4 with under 2 minutes remaining, and Wally Buono elected to kick a field goal rather than continue the drive for a game-winning touchdown.

The other team got the ball back, and ran out the clock and won the game.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

espn classic canada tonight showed the 1987 bombers-riders labour day game - little over a minute left and the Riders holding a small lead (under a TD), Riders starter Tom Burgess is out and the backup is in the game for the riders, Riders HC at the time has the back up throw 2 passes, both incomplete, instead of using 2 run plays to help kill the clock, bombers get the ball back with after the Riders run almost no time off the clock, long bomb on the first play after the punt goes for a long TD to Perry Tuttle, bombers win. Ahh those were the days.

…once, I was behind Dave Dickenson in a Wendy’s and he ordered a baconator even though they are terrible for you…worst decision ever… that because he didn't treat and order you one R&W? :lol: ... as for Edmonton's coach, it seems he still can't count to 13...

Dickenson was the best Lion on the field that day.

Printers ALWAYS played terrible against good secondaries. He was brutal against Toronto that year. He always had major struggles against Stubler’s D, Richie Hall’s Rider D and Donny Brady and the Eskimos. He lit up Hamilton, Calgary, Winnipeg but as a Rider fan I LOVED it when Wally started Printers against my team. It was a guaranteed shutdown. As soon as DD or Buck came in relief the Lions were back in the game.

When I started this thread, I was looking for bonehead decisions this season only. . .

And on the flip side, Cortez throwing the challenge flag on an obvious non-fumble, where the ball was stripped only after the ballcarrrier had been driven back five yards or more (same game as one of his non-challenges). No idea if the whistle had blown, but there was no way the review officials were not going say his forward progress had been stopped.

That was early last season was it not? I don't remember what team they we're playing against but I believe it was at Empire Field. Wally immediately regretted the decision as he stated on Team 1040 radio stating that he wanted to punt the ball away instead of kicking the FG because he thought the defense could get the ball back so the offense could put up 6 (something of that sort). He said he didn't want to kick the FG and then get the back back then get a single to tie it and go to OT. He made a risky decision putting the game in the D's hands but they couldn't get the ball back. That was basically rock bottom for the Leos. It was just after that if I remember correctly that they turned it around and the team got their stuff together.

IMO today's decision to go for it on 3rd down deep in your their end was a weird decision by Kavis Reed.

Yes, that was a head-scratcher, wasn't it ?