Weird boat?

Anyone see the boat at the northwest gate during halftime? Any clue what that was about? I took pics but don't know how to upload them here. Someone just dropped at the gate on the trailer, had all sorts of weird writing on it.

I saw it, and read some of the writing.

I got the impression it was 'art' or some type of protest against police.

It seemed random, but multiple times mentioned the ' lazy popo' or something, it was odd.

There was a trailered sno-mobile on the south side as well! Something like "free Bill" written on it.

I saw the snowmobile it wasn't trailered at that moment.

Very strange to hear about a boat as well?!?

It was placed there by the Argo's to demonstrate the sinking ship from the last two Argo games in Hamilton!!

Like Torontonians would own a snowmobile lol

It's probably a disgruntled Sasky Rumprider fan.

I got the impression it was some sort of religious group. The quotes I saw were "look inside, the truth is hiding"which was creppy for a strange boat though plenty of people walked right up to it. A few references to the "earth is flat " then there was a "911 was an inside job". Interesting to hear of the south side as well.

That is creepy. That "look inside" part would have me walking away pretty quickly.

I thought I read something to do with taxes on the snowmobile but the cop was parked way to close to see from where I was standing. I had my six year old with me and in now way was in going for a peek.

It started with one police car then 2 and finally 3. All kinds of smokers out looking at it. I was wondering if the " truth is inside" was in reference as to why it seemed as though 80 percent of our offence was aimed at speedy B.

I was there when it went down, some dude in a U-Haul pickup was towing it, and was backing up the street. He almost hit a lady in another car, he jump out of the pick-up and unhooked the trailer and took off, leaving the boat and trailer in the middle of the road. She called the cop, cop came and some fans that where watching help pull the trailer to the side of the road. Then I went back in to watch the end of the game!

Haha weird, guess we'll never know what they were going for. It was more entertaining then that game was at least!