Weeks 8 & 9 Power Rankings

Figured there was no point doing ‘em until all 8 teams had played.

[ol]- Montreal (last week 1): Only retains this spot because Edmonton’s defense is looking a little questionable.

  • Edmonton (last week 2): Despite two straight fourth-quarter wins, Jim Daley’s defense is getting exposed in the intermediate game.
  • Saskatchewan (last week 4): Turnovers killed the Riders, but the defensive line is something fierce, and the team boasts the best crop of Canadian receivers in the league.
  • Calgary (last week 5): Needing a last-second TD drive to beat the toothless Argonauts is not the recipe for Grey Cup repeats.
  • Hamilton (last week 3): The quarterback controversy is officially on, but what’s more worrisome is that the defense has forgotten how to tackle or play the deep ball.
  • Winnipeg (last week 7): The question is, can the offense be productive when Fred Reid isn’t breaking team rushing records?
  • Toronto (last week 8 ): Bone-headed coaching and a vanilla offensive game plan for three quarters combined with fourth-quarter breakdowns on defense extend the Boatmen’s futility streak of home losses.
  • B.C. (last week 6): How long before Wally starts making drastic changes?[/ol]

I agree; it's difficult to come up with rankings when only half the teams played.

  1. [1] Montreal. Who else?
  2. [2] Edmonton. Great come-from-behind win vs Hamilton.
  3. [3] Hamilton. More like 3a. Close game against Esks keeps them from falling to #4.
  4. [4] Saskatchewan. More like 3b. Impressive vs Montreal. A win would have moved them to #2.
  5. [7] Winnipeg. Have been much improved in past few games.
  6. [5] Calgary. Looked weak in win against Argos.
  7. [6] B.C. Losing to Winnipeg caused their drop.
  8. [8] Toronto. Who else?
  1. Montreal
  2. Edmonton
  3. Hamilton
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Calgary
  6. Winnipeg
  7. B.C.
  8. Toronto

Winterpeg doesn't deserve to be higher than 6th. They have one great player on offence and that's about it.


Don't understand how B.C. is ranked ahead of Toronto in all your lists, when they got absolutely blasted at home by the Bombers, who have no offense, while Toronto lost in the last minute to the defending Grey Cup champions.

It's not all about what happened in the last game. It's about how good they are right now. Calgary, though they're the Grey Cup champs, are not playing well this season, and I ranked them below Winnipeg.
Toronto has lost 6 of its last 7 games. B.C. has won 2 of their last 3, including a win over Toronto.
Until the Argos start winning games, they aren't moving up in my rankings.