Weekly Predictor: Winning with Winnipeg

I’d like note that, to no one’s surprise, the same Rider fans giving me grief last week for picking Montreal over Saskatchewan were awfully quiet when the Alouettes blew them out.

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Last season (that was the third game) the Argos had Nick Arbuckle behind centre running around like a greased pig and our defence couldn't draw a bead on him. Meanwhile Zack was still shaking off the rust. Once Arbuckle was safely gone and we only had old MacBeth to deal with our guys had no trouble beating the crap out of the Boatmen.

I think these guys have learned never to bet on the other team to win against the Bombers if their QB is a sitting duck. Expect Nathan Rourke to give us fits when we have to face him. He's a tough guy to catch. The writers will rightfully go '100% for BC to win' next week.

When that happens I'll stick with the Bombers and go down with the ship. Time to dig out my floaty pool toys.


As far as the east goes, I think Masoli is the cream of the QB crop and I can't understand why Cats dumped him in favour of Evans. Sure he had a tough time with injuries but so did Zac until he got behind Bombers great O line. Mas is one tough ombre and his ability to takeoff and throw accurately on the run, makes him ideal in a league built to suit that style of QB. I always loved to watch Damon Allen and Flutie as they drove defences nuts. It's also amazing that NFL teams who only wanted pocket passers for years now are drafting and using very mobile QBs. Makes us look like genius' up in the Great White North. I predict Ottawa will emerge as the first place team by Oct. Not only because of Mas but because LaPolice is a great offence planner who left a great legacy in The Peg.


BC 31-21, Hamilton 17-7, Riders 27-23, Winnipeg 24-14

Dane Evans is younger and ran the Cats offense very effectively in 2019. I think they made the right choice from a long term perspective. One day they'll put together a better offensive line for Evans and things will start to click nicely.

With a 11-1 record in CFL Pick'em after Week 3. I decided to change 2 picks for my Week 4 picks. Lions-Elk(1st change and favorite team in the mighty West) Riders and my Hometown Argos(2nd change)
107th Grey Cup rings-August 2020

P.S. Giive Argos new running back Andrew Harris the ball for 25 carries plus Coach Dumbell :exclamation:ah Dinwiddie 2 QB sneaks last week from the 1 yard line-What a moron :rofl:

As Cats are my second fav team I sure hope so but personally i'm still like to see Mas behind the Center.
Just sayin

Yep Argos shot themselves square in the butt when they let Mas go "twice" and Arbuckle. Ar looks solid in the games he's played this year albeit he was running for his life a lot in the three games. But he's tough and o so much better than BT

I assume Evans' youth was a large factor but just don't see the leadership that Masoli had. Masoli could always scramble and make stuff happen. Evans is a sitting duck and with a poor offensive line, that spells trouble. I guess we'll know by the Eastern final whether Hamilton made the right decision. Coincidence the Cats centre (Ciraco) and wide receiver (Acklin) also left with Masoli? I don't know.

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