Weekly Predictor: Will the Roughriders get a W?

The CFL is getting complicated.

And this week comes to a head with BC in Winnipeg, the undefeated Toronto Argonauts against a team with plenty of urgency and then two matchups featuring teams with identical or near identical records.

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Should be easy picks.

BC on a short week. Bombers on a bye, playing @ home with BC’s backup QB. Stacked odds. Winnipeg.

Calgary off a short week. Unless Argos jet lagged, should be easy Argo win.

Is Taylor Powell playing? Who? Fajardo & gang take this one.

The Riders are truly awful on offence. D is up & down. Lauther altenates between good year/bad year. Should be a good year but - no he’s been bad. Got 2 games pretty much given to them by Elks. Ottawa should be able to handle gang green.

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If they do, we are starting to seriously see a contention for an Eastern Crossover this year. Its nigh impossible but if the prairie teams don’t show up again maaaannnn that could be interesting…

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I could see it. East vs West games will be very interesting this year. East is 8-4 vs West so far this year. Calgary, SK & Elks are 1-6 vs East - Stamps have only win. Argos, Ottawa 6-1 vs West.

Riders are not awful on offence. D is not up and down. Riders had 300 yards offence against Toronto. Offensive is not responsible for a kickoff returned for a TD. Played BC on west coast and than travelled across country to play TO. Play calling and O line needs to improve. The Rider defence has been consistently strong. Furthermore, Crum will not beat the Riders. He has played 3 games in the CFL. Everyone now has film on him. Rider defence will eat him alive.