Weekly Predictor: Who'll be the last two standing?

We’re down to the final four in the Canadian Football League!

You have the best four teams in the CFL all season squaring off to see if the Argonauts and Bombers are set for a rematch in Hamilton next week or if Montreal and/or BC can pull off an upset on the favourites going into Divisional Final weekend.

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Will not be BC and Montreal


Argos in the East. Bombers in the west (unless VA repeats his last game’s performance, which is impossible to predict).

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No no rider01.1… that’s just what they’re expecting us to think. But we’re on to their obviousness. We can use our superior brains to outmaneuver them. You and Clem go around the back. I’ll stay here and have sex with the women. :beaver:

Gotta call for the angel Leroy too.

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BC or Winnipeg, i will be cheering for the West team at THF.

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Looking forward to watching this seasons rematch between Toronto/Winnipeg. It should be another fantastic Grey Cup. It’s difficult to predict the winner but like in other sports; you never count out the defending Champion.

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This season for Winnipeg will be a shocker as the Lions will clobber the Bombers with a thrilling number of touchdowns. But a far better season than the 6th-rated team the Tiger-Cats. :lion:

19th game for Bombers this year - pantsonfire channeling Mick & “Keef” :rofl:

Here comes your 19th Nervous Breakdown.
Another BC Lions shakedown???
They have a few too many oldsters.
No ammo left in Bombers’ holsters. :smiley::smiley:

Both teams can blow out the other @ IGF - and have. Could happen again. I expect something closer - like Vancouver. Took the Bombers in the WF last year - going with BC this year.

Here come Maas & the Alouettes.
It’s Malibus against Corvettes.
A 16-2 team can be had.
But odds are slim in beating Chad.

Love the Als “try”. But they’re in over their heads here. A win would be a “Maas” ive upset.

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Pretty sure Ryan Phillips still has nightmares of Zach finding WR’s all over for long bombs & TDs. WPG got in their heads for sure that day, and no doubt the Lions want redemption. Can they get it is the question, few can when they come here - especially in November.
Bombers to a man all had 1 goal, get back to the GC. They will be focused.
Breakdowns defensivley (letting VAJ scramble etc) will be the only way BC hangs in.

Homefield advantage just too big in this one.


Welcome aboard. Always good to hear from a UofT guy. :sunglasses:

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GO BLUE For the W!