Weekly Predictor: Trusting in the Toronto Argonauts

Let’s all sit back and recognize what a fun Week 6 it was on the field as every game was down to the wire.

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We agree again.

Can't bet on Evans vs Harris. LaPo's seat gets warmer.

East team travelling West. Dane almost fumbled the game away again. Problems remain. BC well rested & motivated to get back on track.

Jones' teams got bombed 41-8, 53-7, 41-18 in year 1 of the Rider era so this is not unusual. Went on a win streak at the tail end & year 2 was within a minute of a GC appearance. The Elks have a long list of expected starters on the 6 game. Too early to expect a lot this game. Jones is surprisingly calm post game. Nobody panicking over there. Clearly a rebuild year.

Fajardo out or should be out. Lots of issues in Regina right now. Fans fed up with the penalties. Not a happy place. I wonder how the room is right now. D looks good but with the OL problems, Duke, Fajardo, how long before the finger pointing. Fajardo has been known to voice his concerns publicly. Not getting a lot of sympathy with gutting it out on one hand & then complaining about his knee on the other.

Oh my,what has Cody Fajardo ever done to you??

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Fajardo lit his pants on fire.


Did anyone happen to read the stats on the Lions O Line… everyone can finally get off the big mens backs and just let them do their thing.

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The Cats will eat the Lions raw! It is time for them to have a big game - TIgers by 10!

The TigerCats will have to rely heavily on the element of surprise.


It's not "trusting in the Argos" it's dumping on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, which is what this tsn site specializes in.