Weekly Predictor: Trusting in the Tiger-Cats

Week 10 has Winnipeg trying to make more history, the Argonauts trying to put more distance between themselves and the rest of the East, the Lions and Stamps determining No. 2 in the West, and the Riders and Elks trying to shake off that losing feeling.

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The Lions are averaging 36.3 points per game and the Stamps secondary has been a mess all year, and now their best DB Roberson is out for the season. However, after the way BC and Calgary played last week, this could be the perfect trap game for BC!

All it will take is for Peredes to kick 12 field goals and one rouge to beat the Lions!



Hufnagel found a coupon for 50% off on Used NFL Cuts and he's flying an import DB in on Spirit Airlines 5th Class (basically the cargo area) in time for tonight's game... as long as he pays for his own ticket!!! :smiley: :+1: