Weekly Predictor: Time for Labour Day Weekend

It’s OK Tire Labour Day Weekend! And besides Grey Cup week, this is the ultimate CFL weekend.

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We're back to being on the same page - with all 4 picks including Riders. Riders 14-2 @ home Labour Day since 2005. Do Stamps ever lose to Elks @ Commonwealth anymore?

We'll see what happens.

But one of those Winnipeg wins was last year. I think you'd have to agree that what happened last year is more relevant than what happened in 2010. Not that it is ever easy for Winnipeg to win this game . . .


The green riders????????????????

I remember traveling to Regina way back in 84 when the Blue Bombers were a dominant team and the Riders were struggling and it was kind of a joke where Rider and Blue Bomber fans alike were predicting a blowout which did happen, only in the Riders favour and really, ever since its been more a less a disaster for the Bombers on this always fun Labour Day Classic. (on a side note, those were the days when the Bombers stayed in Regina and remember being up pretty late with a few of boys and have to say everyone was having a great time.......... but it also showed on the field the next day, lol)

Personally I think it’s more likely that Hamilton pulls off the win then Saskatchewan. The Bombers are just as determined to win a Sask and have won the last 2 games at Mosaic. Would it surprise me if Saskatchewan wins? No. Honestly the only thing that would make me raise an eyebrow would be Ottawa blowing out Montreal by 30+ points.

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After attending many LDC games in Regina, I will unfortunately miss this year’s game. Always a great occasion as the city of Regina goes green. Often got to talk to Coach O’Shea in the hotel lobby or elevator as we frequently chose the same hotel as the Bombers.

In spite of the intense rivalry and us wearing Rider gear, the conversations were always good natured. The atmosphere at LDC feels like Grey Cup week. Awesome for any CFL fan but special for Rider and Bomber fans. Go Riders!


Why do I have to agree? Trends, winning or losing streaks between teams in sports do carry over a number of years. Last year you had Harris & benefitted from 5 turnovers. You MUST agree that Harris has been the Riders' kryptonite for awhile now & that 5 turnovers is not usual for most teams in one game, even bottom feeders. If the 3 win Als can beat the Bombers IN Winnipeg, what's wrong with betting on the 6 win Riders? :smiley:

There's nothing wrong with betting on the Riders in the Labour Day Game at any time. It has been a jinx for the Bombers for many years. But the team that won the Labour Day game last year looks a lot like the one travelling to Regina this year. Sure, there's Oliveira, Schoen and Ellingson instead of Harris, Lawler and Adams but the Winnipeg D looks pretty much the same as the one which allowed only 8 points last year. That was the story last year, more than the play of Harris (although he had a good game) or the turnovers..

Oh, and by the way, only 4 turnovers, including a failed last minute gamble on third down. Winnipeg gave up 2; should have been three but for a bad call.


Riders haven't beaten the Bombers since 2019.
2 West Finals, and both the LDC & BB lastyear.
Now saying all that, Riders look to be gathering a little mojo, would love to steal that from them. Still, I'd expect to go 1-1 over these games and hate to lose at home.....

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That's only half of the equation, Bolog. The team that only put up 8 points does NOT look a lot like last year. They have Moncrief now, Dean is healthy & with Sankey are both top 3 in D plays in the league. They lead the league in sacks despite a raft of injuries. And I would be a bit concerned in the 3 game set with that loose cannon, Marino, running around. I hope he's learned his lesson but not convinced. Your OL ranks a distant 3rd in sacks allowed behind the top 2 clubs in that category.

Winnipeg should be favoured but, I mean, Zach is capable of being held to 7 completions in a game by even a really bad club, no? I'm not sold on the Riders in any way because they have their own issues & probably like them less than the Bombers. But I'm not shy to put money on them @ Mosaic on Labour Day. :smiley:

While certainly any underdog can win a bettor money any given game and certainly Saskatchewan could win this weekend, I do know one thing for sure. That is that anyone that has bet against the Bombers the last two years has lost a pile of money, just like they have lost a pile of wins in the CFL pool. Anyone can cherry pick stats pro and con for or against the Bombers or any opponent of theirs, but the fact remains that they almost always win. Two full garbage time games last year aside, I don’t know of a team in North American professional sports that has a better winning percentage than the Bombers the last two years. They have only lost twice, once in overtime. I think the saying goes that any fool betting against the Bombers and their money are soon parted.


Fair enough. Riders' D is much improved. We'll see how it plays out on Sunday.

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Jon, you get SOOOO offended whenever anyone brings up some perceived slight against your precious Bombers. And the assertion that anyone betting against the Bombers is a fool is pretty dismissive of all prognosticators including Mr Nye here. My record here is there for all to see every week &, if you actually took a look at it, I bet on the Bombers quite a bit. But why would you know that? I like the Riders this week. Sorry - live with it.

I wouldn't consider the Colorado Avalanche who finished 1st the past 2 years, won 95 games & a Cup in a 32 team league, as less of an accomplishment than success over 25 games in a 9 team league. Or the Chiefs 26-6 record the past 2 years which, considering the competition & talent differential, a bigger achievement. Let's not get too carried away. Speaking of which, that's it for me. Of course, you always like to get in the last word so have fun. :sunglasses:

well ain't that slap in the face to Cow Town fans🙄
EDIT>>> the reason i said this because the red fan base is consistently the ONLY base that always says "with proof and excuses for losses" that their team is always better than the bombers


I have already been criticized for posting facts about my “precious” Bombers. I expect more and am weirdly looking forward to it, as well as criticism of the Bomber’s weekly injury postings, which are apparently the backbone of their winning ways.

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I think both clubs will be happy to come out of these games with a split and no major injuries.
Let's just hope the refs are not part of why anyteam won, but I have little faith in that. I'm not expecting a clean game(s)

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Past history kinda tells us it will be dirty. I hope nobody gets hurt and the asshat antics are kept to only a verbal aspect

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Recent Rider history might indicate the same. They're the league's bad boys lately.

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It's a fine line between being physical & dirty. Both teams pride themselves in being physical, I think all fans would be disappointed if it were a soft couple games.