Weekly Predictor: Thanksgiving Weekend edition

Thanksgiving Weekend presented by Purolator is here and there are so many things to be thankful for!

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Only issue with Riders are the coaches. Coaches should be competitive enough and prepare the game well ahead. So many great players, but not motivated at all and staff is not doing the job for the money they are getting.
Looks like not bringing Bo-Li to Regina is a mistake. Head coach and GM will see the do or die situation in Hamilton.
BC can score well in Toronto. ELK can make an upset too. It may depend on BC-Argo game....

What makes you think Huf would be interested in helping the Riders climb out of the mud.

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What makes you think not bringing Bo-Li to Regina is a mistake? Even with Cody's off year Bo is not an upgrade. His 'best before' date has arrived.

MBT is very good qb and pretty cool guy. He is very proud to be QB for the oldest professional football team in North America

He spends his off time looking for old Argo gear,he shows up at press conferences with Vintage Argo Jackets,shirts and hats,we are lucky to have him.

Why would Riders want Bo when they have Cody? I like Bo also,but Cody has more upside.

Riders win in Hamilton,Argos over BC
Edm over Bombers

Ott over Als

Wrong Bo needs a change and he will play to his potential.