Weekly Predictor: Taking the Toronto Argonauts

Okay, after a week of absolute misery of picks, it’s that time of year to go full Costanza.

As in, go against every intuition you have and pretty well pick the opposite of what your mind and/or gut tells you is the right decision. Of course, I’m likely three weeks to late with that philosophy, as I and some of the rest of the esteemed panel of ‘experts’ have more wrong than right of late.

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make all kinds of compliments on the lions and their improvements without mentioning stamps (without their top LB no less), then pick the stamps to win. lol CFL.com logic.

As a result of the pool picking carnage last week the author is purposely picking the opposite of who he thinks will win here. Some of us are doing that in the pools as well. Kind of a neat approach to this article.

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aaah ok. i was wondering if it had to do with betting but that makes sense. thank you!

I had a good week but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been a train wreck. Luck always plays a hand. I'm pretty much with you this week but pick BC over Calgary. They've beaten the Stamps twice by a total of 3 pts - but both times @ McMahon. I think they will hold serve, maybe not, pretty sure, but then again....... Yes, positively going with BC.

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