Weekly Predictor: Taking the hometown Tiger-Cats

Hamilton has been hungry for a championship for a long time. The fans have endured some of the worst seasons I've ever seen (including a 1-17 campaign). They want this. They need this. They want it more than Rider fans did in 2013. The crowd may not be as big as it was in 2013 but I bet every fan there will be cheering loud enough to make up for it. They will be a force of nature and they will not be denied.

Crowd noise is a great motivator, and has a degree of interference, but nowhere near as in the past, several things have changed overtime.

The QB rarely stand directly behind the center unless it's a short yardage play.
The snap of the ball is called when the QB make a motion.
Plays are called in on a headset, and very few players need to know what play was called, the majority of player run their routes & adjust on the fly.
Coaches use hand signals to communicate.

Crowd noise will affect, a play called at scrimmage, time count mostly.

You also mention how hungry Hamilton fans are for a Grey Cup, they need it.

The fans don't play the game players do.
Important to note very few players have been there for more than 3 years.
So 33 years with 1 Grey Cup has very little meaning to most players.
WINNING championship games does have an impact on all players.


During regular season, sure. But a home Grey Cup game is very different, especially when the fanbase is as passionate as the Tiger-Cat fans.

When Hamilton went into Regina in 2013, they knew they'd be facing a loud crowd. Henry Burris has had to deal with that every time he's played there since he joined the Stampeders. They thought they knew what they were getting into and spent the week preparing. They were still not ready. The crowd noise caused them numerous problems, including a ball being snapped when Burris wasn't even sure the play had been whistled in yet.

Just let that sink in. The crowd was so loud that a quarterback didn't hear the play be whistled in. It was said that the Thunderbirds could have done a flyby and nobody would have heard that either. That's the kind of noise the Bombers will be facing. Hand signals are all well and good but noise like that gnaws at your very soul. It's hard to block out and hard to not let it get to you.

Loser admits that they were wrong.


Problems with your theory.

  1. Hamilton fans aren't Riders fans, no comparison.
  2. 2013 Grey Cup had 45,000 fans vs 2021 Grey Cup is projected at 24,000 fans. Approximately half.
  3. Bombers have experience in that noisy atmosphere year over year.
    Hamilton....... nope
  1. I think Hamilton fans will do us proud.
  2. GC2008 had 66,000 fans when Montreal played at home. The 45,000 fans at GC2013 were still louder. The number isn't as important as the passion.
  3. Bombers have consistently played poorly in that noise, year over year. They've only won two Labour Days in Regina in the last sixteen years. Granted, one of those wins was this year but it's still a very poor track record. Also keep in mind, that the Hamilton offense likely isn't going to have to deal with any noise at all.

I would say the noise in Sask has nothing to do with their losses there. In fact for some time they just didn’t win because they didn’t play well enough or played a better team. The last while that has flipped. Overall, I think the home crowd factor, whatever it may turn out to be, is a non factor. Attendance of 24,000 may seem like a lot to Eastern fans, but in the West that is just the number of fans who attend the tailgate parties before the game. And if Winnipeg scores early and takes a lead, they will use the silence as their own crowd noise. In fact they have stated that this is their goal.



I think the crowd noise in Regina has been a significant factor in the Riders' success in Labour Day matchups. There have been seasons where the Bombers were much stronger and still lost. Part of it is the Bombers playing worse and part of it is the Riders playing better. The home team is energized by the fans while the visitors are often distracted by it (even if they don't admit to it).

This is why the Bombers are specifically aiming to silence the crowd. If they didn't think it would affect the game, then they wouldn't care about it one way or the other. And of course, Hamilton's goal is to keep the crowd going. Whichever team accomplishes their goal is going to win the game. And I think the Tiger-Cats can do it.

Crowd Noise also means no way to change a play at the line if scrimmage any longer and for sure Crowd noise will cause a few communication errors on the field too... I also do not see the top teams overly worried about this sound factor any more as I am sure they now employ different means to change a play than an audible that will not be heard in certain stadiums . Henry Burris once said he was used to that going back to his high school playing days.

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I would agree that the crowd can energize the home team, but I think that will be the only influence it has. The Bombers are used to larger, louder crowds and have more than enough experience to focus on what needs to be done and ignore the crowd, as all good teams must do.




I accept yout terms. You'll be on this thread, or start a new one explaining how you were silly to doubt the B&G machine?

Although this bet could potentially be resolved on Sunday, there is a distinct possibility that it may go on for years, or even decades. As such, I think a new thread is likely appropriate.


Having been a season ticket holder since the Bombers moved to IG Field, it's definitely a lot more fun when the crowd is ramped up. IMHO, the first few seasons were constantly louder than the crowds are now, but it can still get constantly noisy for the playoff games and Banjo Bowls. Those first couple of seasons at IG Field saw the early building stages of today's Bomber product. As much as the crowd tried to will the home team to victories, the Bombers had a losing record at home. We, the crowd, take pride in causing many illegal procedures and time count violations over the years, but in the end, I don't think the crowd noise can materially disrupt a strong visiting team. All the noise and crowd involvement make for a great and super fun outing, and I wish this for the Hamilton fans. I also acknowledge that a rabid home crowd can energize the hone team to perform better, and this may pose a problem for the Bombers tomorrow. But I will go on record to say that a noisy, Grey Cup level home crowd will not materially affect a strong visiting team, this year's Bombers included. Actually, I suspect strong visiting teams can also get a boost from the home crowd's passion and feed off its energy. And if I'm wrong, I'll readily admit it. We'll find out tomorrow.

Here's to a great Grey Cup Sunday, folks. Go Blue!


I think not. What will be even sweeter is the 3peat in your team's barn.

I'm kinda curious how many Rider fans would show up just to boo the Bombers.

Crazy thing was that Hamoliton did everything they had to be able to win this game:
Win the trench battles? Check (Their DLine bullied our Oline)
Get the Bombers to 2nd & long? Check (they did a great job of limiting Harris)
Get turnovers? Check
Don't be behind at the half. Check

What everyone forgot (or didn't want to believe) is what Bomber fans had been saying all year. This is a team that does not get beaten in the 4th Q.

Wouldn’t have it any other way, besides it’s fun to quiet Rider Nation.