Weekly Predictor: Taking the hometown Tiger-Cats

When it comes to breaking down these teams, you can go through the rosters, the stats and their one head-to-head meeting and start to come up with the conclusion that the Tiger-Cats are going to have a hard time keeping up with the powerhouse Bombers in the 2021 Grey Cup.

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I think your gut is causing problems from all the raw crow you eat week after week Jamie Nye "The Rider Guy". Good analysis if you like to play what ifs and last week's, bit head to head on Sunday will be another Bomber GC victory.


If the stats on paper determined the outcome of every game, then Hamilton would have won last year. The very fact that it's the Bombers who are the defending champions is proof that anything can happen.

I think the 2013 Grey Cup in Saskatchewan is an excellent example of how much a home crowd can influence a championship game. I've been to many Rider games, including Labour Days and that first game Burris played in Regina after joining the Stampeders and let me tell you, as loud as the crowd was in those games, it was nothing compared to how loud that Grey Cup game was. Hamilton was not prepared for that level of noise back then and I don't think Winnipeg is prepared for it now.

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This just in. Grey Cup 108 will also be 'Battery Day'. Any spectator wearing black and gold upon arrival at the gates, will receive a 48 pack of Kirkland brand 'D' cell batteries (and a slingshot for some reason). I think this is going to be a fun one.... even without the batteries.

No way no how or in any alternate reality do the Cats come out as Victors in the coming Grey Cup

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The crowd will obviously be a factor but both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are visiting teams that would be prepared for crowd noise better than any other teams. They both play in front of each other’s hostile and loud crowds every September. And 33,000 in those stadiums where the sound is funneled onto the field will be far louder than what the Bombers will face on Sunday. A few years ago they measured the decibel level of those two crowds and Winnipeg edged Sask as the loudest ( perhaps partially because of stadium configuration). The East crowds are not even close and 24,000 fans, even all cheering for Hamilton, won’t approach what the Bombers play through in Sask every year. Maybe different in a non Covid year if they could put in temporary stands and 50,000.


Ya, I was gonna post about how it'll pale in comparision to LDC, but let em brag.


The Bombers may play in hostile noise every Labour Day but they also have an atrocious record when they do. This year was only their second LD win in 16 years.

Yes they won this year, and this is the same year they play for the GC. I can guarantee you that for 11 of those losses there is only 1 player remaining from any of those teams. He was the first to hoist the GC last year, and will most likely be the one to hoist it first this year. Or maybe it will be Neufeld

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With regards to the statement on how the Cats kept Steinback to virtually no yardage, Steinback was his own worst enemy. He hit the line, paused, stutter stepped, looking for a hole or went East to West, and was stopped. That happened time and time again. I still don't know why he did that. Harris on the other hand is going to run right up the gullet and defy anyone to stop him,
as he did last week. It will be a real test of wills and if Harris does not change his approach to running, it could be a long day for the Cats D.

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Both the Bomber and Rider teams changed dramatically throughout the last sixteen years but the results are still the same. Hundreds of different players, all affected the same way.

I was at the 2013 Grey Cup. I was also at every Rider regular season game that year. The atmosphere was completely different. The energy in the stadium was different. The noise was different. The players were different. The entire experience was surreal.

Hamilton has been hungry for a championship for a long time. The fans have endured some of the worst seasons I've ever seen (including a 1-17 campaign). They want this. They need this. They want it more than Rider fans did in 2013. The crowd may not be as big as it was in 2013 but I bet every fan there will be cheering loud enough to make up for it. They will be a force of nature and they will not be denied.

I've been to many Banjo Bowls, but sadly, have never made the trek for a Labor Day Classic. How would you compare the crowds at the LDC, especially this year's, to the 2013 Grey Cup?

So wouldn't you say they were hungry last time? It's easy to say a team is hungry, but who's going to fight for the food on the field? Can the Cats hang with the Bombers in the trenches? Thats where the game will be won.

I didn't go this year. I gave up my season tickets the year after they moved into the new stadium for a variety of reasons that I won't get into here. But I've been to many LDCs and as loud as those are, they were nothing compared to GC2013. That game was something special.

Oh for sure they were. But the game was being played in Calgary so the Ti-Cats didn't have the energy of an entire stadium full of hungry fans to fuel them. This year, they do.

I do agree that whoever wins the battle in the trenches will likely win the game. But the offensive line is arguably the group of players most vulnerable to crowd noise. The 13th Man is going to have an impact on that battle in favour of the Ti-Cats.

Bombers will score early and often making the crowd noise a non factor. In Tim Hortons field it won’t be a factor anyways. Besides, Lucky Whitehead is going to be there again and this time he’s bringing some of his Argos Buddies, they’ll help control the Ticat fans.

Or they could turn it over five times in the first half again.

And pigs can fly, and the Riders will win their 5th GC someday, but neither of these will happen soon.

The Riders will win their 5th Cup before the Bombers win their 12th.

I would take that bet anyday. What are you offering?

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