Weekly Predictor: Smelling what the BC Lions are cooking

What did we learn in Week 1 of the CFL season?

There is some room for improvement for a lot of the offences in the league, which is not a surprise. Six of the nine teams are starting quarterbacks who are in their first training camp with their new team.

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I hope we don’t see many more of these totally one-sided prediction weeks. This one will likely unfold as predicted… unless Jim Kelly’s nephew falls flat on its face on his own turf against a pissed off Hamilton squad.

Ticats WILL be pissed off, but anger without talent… Need we say more😁

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I thought it looked more like a rust free Winnipeg team taking advantage of a “haven’t played together enough” defence in the first half. This one may be the surprise of the week…I think it may be a lot clser for the Argos than some think…

Calgary players probably heard about their sloppy play all week and will be better prepared. Will Arbuckle be better this week?

Elks executed poorly on offence and didn’t run enough. Can’t fix that in a week…But the defence looked more like a Jones defence so lets see how BC moves the ball against them.

And Go Bombers!!!


Arbuckle will never be ready for prime time…and yes the Elk will be a much improved unit in game two.


At home Dyce needs to win a game.
Can we expect more of the same?
The Stamps have way too good a D.
A loss for REDBLACKS we will see.

The Riders play on 4 days rest.
That’s not enough to pass this test.
The short week’s gonna take a toll.
The Bombers on this day will roll.

The Elks are showing growing pains.
Some doubts on this young team remains.
The Lions aren’t a gracious host.
And win the battle on the coast.

The TiCats need to start from scratch.
Will they be ready for this match?
The obstacles for them are fraught
When playing this team Argonaut.


Arbuckle shouldn’t even be in the league. he’s that bad. even Michael O’Connor would be an upgrade there.

You have to be able to put it in with 3 chances on the 1. That’s on the OL. Two young DB’s with PI calls early in the game put the Riders on the 4 yd line. Jones has every reason to be upset. Turnovers & penalties will kill you every time. I question some of the play calls too, Squishy. No receiver after Lewis had more than 1 catch than Arcenaux, who was the 2nd most targeted. And Cornelius was off. If someone told me he was off because he was underthrowing receivers, I’d have a hard time believing it - but there you go. After BC they play 3 games in 11 days, starting with the GC champs, & 4 in 17 days. This was a big game. D played well but tough road ahead the 1st third of the season. Need to be at least 2-4 IMO.

OL was Riders moving inside out because of a lack of success playing their usual positions against the Elks last year.
Penalties were to Rookies so they get a break…it only happened in the beginning of the game and didn’t continue. 86 yards penalties isn’t great but its not terrible either.
There were a couple underthrows but on purpose…in the one they showed the reverse angle from you can see the DB go through in the background - if the ball was on target…
Biggest problem was Corny was either slow making reads or didn’t trust his reads and get the ball out when he should have, and receivers not coming back to the QB when they had run their routes.
Don’t know we can fix that stuff in a week…

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Maybe Jamie Nye is as rusty as some of the teams, as he predicts a game for the Lions and Als under the heading of Ottawa and Calgary? The Als and Lions aren’t even playing… I find reading back out loud is a useful editing tool.

“So how am I going to make the pick? I’m going to go with strength of schedule early, as I have the Lions as a much stronger team than the Alouettes when you look at who these two teams played in Week 1 when analyzing who will be the stronger team in Week 2.”

Easy win for Lions, Elks offense gave up 5 sacks and BC D is better than Riders . Rb, Brown got 35 yards on 10 runs and a big run of 24 to boost his stats, so, not enough blocking?? 3 tries from the 1 yard line failed, is more than worrisome for the O line, obviously something is not good enough. And the schedule is very, very tough coming up. A start of 0 - 5 for the season??

he’s comparing the REDBLACKS and Stamps last opponents to help justify his pick. he’s not analyzing BC and Als like they are playing.

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got it, confusing writing, sorry


it’s not very well written lol

For a writer his forte is not the written word

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