Weekly Predictor: Siding with the Alouettes

I’m expecting to find out a lot from Week 3 in the CFL.

There are so many questions from so many teams that are both 2-0 and 0-2. Calgary, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg are all 2-0 and because many predicted they’d top the West Division, you feel comfortable that they are good.

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Was this article written by the Montreal head office? Montreal should have won both games? In what universe should they have won either of those games? Have the Riders been slow to get going on their offense, absolutely! Has their defense held other teams in check until the fourth quarter when they pull ahead nicely, yep! Hmmmm that reminds me of what Winnipeg did repeatedly last year and it seemed to work out well for them.
Also a few other things...Winnipeg is not Hamilton's nemesis. Hamilton's nemesis is not finishing games. The Calgary-Edmonton game is going to be a lot closer than this article is trying to claim as disrupting Bo in the slightest is going to cause a world of hurt for Calgary and CJ knows it. Toronto is going to get spanked so hard they're gonna wonder if maybe they like it a little too much. BC is rested, Harris is not looking likes he's at 100%, and you're in BC which is the kryptonite of eastern teams (especially as the sun starts to go down and you think about what time it is in TO when the game hits the 4th quarter).

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Just because the columnist offers an opinion you don't like does not mean he works for the Alouettes' office.

Montreal lost very close games on the road. It's not a stretch to say that but for a play here or there, they could be 2-0. And this is their first game at home. SSK is also playing on a short week with some significant injuries. You may not like the writer's opinion, but it's a legitimate opinion to have, even if you disagree.


For what it's worth I agree with Nye on all 4 for the 2nd straight week. Early days so anything can happen. You make some good points. But the Riders backfield vs the worst team in the league is doing what they did last year when they were 2nd last in passing yds & big plays passing. They got blown up by Lawler, left Arceanaux & Holley wide open for plays over 40 yards which would have gone for TD's had they not been underthrown - YIKES. And the OL struggled protecting Cody with a 3 man rush. Giving up over 200 yds offence in the 3rd quarter AND the lead doesn't remind me of Winnipeg. Getting awfully thin on OL.

Totally agree that Hamilton can't get out of its own way. Valid point on East coast teams going west.


IN the first half of the Tiger-cat's last game, they had an impressive air attack with three receivers and the running back; while Calgary had an equally explosive set of receivers in the second half of the game. Surely a portent of spicy playmaking for these two talented teams in this incipient season. :tiger: :cowboy_hat_face:

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getting awfully sick of hearing the words "could of" or" should have" you either win or lose there is no column in the standings for moral victories. good teams find a way to win. bad/mediocre teams find ways to lose.


So Weinke is out and Lewis is "questionable" along with Ackie (nothing lights out from him yet but 7 DT in 2 games is solid). And as for being "thin" on O-Line if you remember Bandy was actually originally predicted to go 1st or 2nd overall in his draft year. He just needs some confidence and if you watch his press scrum this week the entire O-Line was standing behind him to support him...I feel like he's gonna do good.

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I don't pay much attention to "questionable " on the injury reports. Bombers are particularly bad for listing everyone as questionable & then most play (note they're doing int again this week). DNP gives me pause. Lots of #1 picks bomb. Ekakitie, Mark Chapman, St. John in a 3 year stretch recently. Of course the OL is going to support him.

The Riders are playing in Montreal on 5 days rest with one practice under their belts. So good time to bet against the Riders IMO. OL was schooled by a bad Elk team on 3 man rushes. Als have a decent DL.

Calgary, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg ARE good. The problem for us out West for us 'good teams' is the possibility that BC might be a 'great team'. We'll find out this Saturday when Toronto either brings them down to Earth or gets clobbered. If the latter happens then 'good' won't be good enough any more. Darn it.

I'm going to enjoy this Friday's Winnipeg / Hamilton Grey Cup Rematch game anyway. That BC / Toronto game looming in the distance like a angry storm cloud is not going to lower my hopes for a Threepeat this November.

Finger crossed. :grimacing:

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I really don't have the highest of hopes for BC. I feel like CJ went in overconfident based on how bad last year's Lions were (that O-Line looked horrendous) and didn't game plan properly. BC got up early and kept their foot on Edmonton's throat. Toronto is going to keep it a lot closer (still gonna lose) and I feel like they are gonna knock Rourke around a little which will be the real test for him. That being said BC could definitely go from the bottom of the West to making the playoffs this year depending on how Calgary goes down the stretch (Bo looks shaky and a lot of his throws especially over 20 yards are not on target by a lot). Both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan don't have their offenses running at even close to 100% of where they are going to be so look for them both to pull ahead of the west going down the stretch, also because they both have top tier defenses this year which will keep them in most games longer.
This could be a trap game for Winnipeg having won a home and home against Ottawa but I think the wise pick is with the home team there.

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Als do have a decent D-line...but the Riders have a freaking ridiculous D-Line. When you are able to rotate in an absolute first ballet hall of fame with Hughes you know you have a LOT of talent up front. Moncrief, Leonard, Dean (he is a beast), Sankey, and Marino will be chasing Harris all over the field. If we had Teitz currently I'd feel bad for any O-Line trying to contain that group. Will the Riders have a huge offensive showing, maybe not. Will they absolutely punish the Montreal offense for every yard they gain, yep.

SSK 22-18 MTL
HAM 18-26 WPG
EDM 17-26 CGY
TOR 26-20 BC
SSK may loose the game and that will be danger for them to compete for playoffs, if BC started winning.

I feel like Edmonton and Hamilton are both going to make it closer, as well as being higher scoring games in both.

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EDM can play defense but not much in scoring... Couple of turnover from Bo could make big different.

Bo is a LOT like Henry, get in his head and he turns into an absolute prima donna. Once you see him screaming at one of his receivers you know you are living their rent free and can just have a party and go wild. I also have the distinct feeling Bo can feel Maer's breath on the back of his neck he's so close to being put in which can sometimes mean he plays well, other times play horrible (look at the last game the difference between the first and second half). Edmonton could pull out a win but it would probably be on points off turnovers more than anything.

Riders got schooled again on OL. Look, Rodgers is awful. Campbell, the highly paid guy they brought in is playing behind him? It's back to last year with 12 sacks allowed already. Yes, I agree Riders have a good front 7 but given up more explosion plays to the Als after being beat up on big pass plays last week. Same problems as last year with Gainey & Purifoy now gone. And their biggest problem is, again, over 100 yds in penalties.

The Riders are a good team BUT if they don't get their act together on penalties these things are going to happen. Early in the season. Every team has some real issues in certain areas. With the Riders, it's the back end of their D & their OL IMO, thus their running game will be off & on. I think they'll be better next week. Hopefully Evans isn't out long term after losing Clark next week. :sunglasses:

I agree one game does not make a season. I hoope the Lions are for real I do but they might go into TO over confident

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Wrong again you like being wrong! That was a bad game for the riders but I am sure the coach will work out the kinks