Weekly Predictor: Rolling with the Roughriders

This week features three games with a team in each contest that needs to prove something, even if it’s not in a winning effort.

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Oh, C'Mon - go all the way. 99%? I bought a vacuum cleaner that gets 99.99% of the dust. Now I don't worry about the dust on the floor because I know that's only .01% so imagine how dirty they COULD be. I only buy fruit that is organic - well 99% organic so I just have to decide which 1% not to eat. Nothing is 100% any more but you can give 110% on the field so there's that. :rofl::joy:

My picks

Edmonton minus 50% confident. Hamilton minus 76.3% confident. Calgary 60% confident. Upsets happen but not sure this week. But what the heck. I believe in fairy tales.:rainbow: