Weekly Predictor: Rolling with the Roughriders

Now you claim to know how I felt. Interesting. I can assure you that I was not beside myself and merely advanced arguments and my position. Because you disagree with me, which is fair, does not give you the ability to know how I felt. In fact I am always relaxed when posting. If I wasn’t there would be no point in doing so or participating in this forum.

There is no doubt lots of pressure on all the QB’s, but I am not understanding your past reference to Jennings or how that means anything to tomorrow’s game. And again not persuaded by your “this is what Bo once did” argument. The truth is that Bo is the weakest starting QB in the playoffs and that should be beyond obvious. More interceptions than TD’s and a paltry 39 yards passing in one half against second stringers last week. Hardly on fire. I would suggest he has more pressure than anyone tomorrow because if he lays another playoff egg it would seem probable that his career is over.

All right then. Which Bomber fan should be reigning you in for this blatant blanket statement?

How does singling out one game of domination have any bearing on a season of domination? I am sure there are many other one game quirky domination stats to be found. And time of possession? You do realize that the thoroughly dominated Stamps TOP last game was 22:51. Bombers 37:09. I can throw out select stats too but have never wavered from the position that last week’s exhibition game has any meaning and that anything can be taken from it. If the Stamps need to take something from it then so be it but that doesn’t mean it is so.

I have already admitted that blanket statements have been made by many, including myself. But you are saying that I need to be reigned in for being a lunatic poster. Making a blanket statement hardly qualifies as being a lunatic poster and I resent your accusation in that regard, especially when I have seen some pretty iffy posts come from you.

You greenies make sure you PACK that stadium. I don't want to see one empty seat, so I can watch you all cry together. Oh, and then that Rider Radio thing after... oh, that's gonna be a goodie. Betcha that goes for 10 hours or until the last drunk passes out.

And then it's off to Winnipeg to watch that packed stadium cry in their beers.

The only real question is who will the Stamps play in the Grey Cup.

I believe you have me mixed up with someone else, I made no mention of stats over 7 years.

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I merely judged you by your own statements. If you take issue with that, then you are only taking issue with yourself and your own standards. I only asked you a question in my previous post, therefore I made no statements of my own.

Winniper's never cry in their beer, it makes it salty. Plus hard to to tell when your no longer drinking beer. Just tears.

EDIT also, Beer has a lower freezing point than tears.


I don’t think what you state is your purpose. I noticed you on several different posts offering moderator like comments, criticizing myself and others. And I do remember you having posts to me deleted by an actual moderator not long ago. Let’s just leave it at that and ensure that any further posts between us are about football and that you don’t attempt to moderate my posts with others and I will do the same.

In the meantime it is just over 3 hours until game time so enjoy the games today and I will do the same. Having no skin in any of the games today I hope that they are good ones to watch.

No, you can't just leave it at that. First off, some of the moderators here are decent at their job and some are terrible at it. Some mods will simply remove anything that is flagged, acting like the personal censor of the butthurt. You cannot deny that there have been many posts around here that have been flagged and a bunch of people from several teams have replied "why was that flagged?" So just because a post was removed does not at all mean that it violated anything nor anyone.

My purpose is exactly what I have stated. I don't care what you THINK my purpose is. I have said more than once that I am simply measuring your own statements by your own standards. That's it.

I can criticize your comments and that is what I do if I feel it is important enough, and you will notice that I criticize your COMMENTS and not you personally. There is a difference there.

You had made a blanket statement about the arrogance of Calgary fans. Then you made another statement against a Calgary fan as you further criticized Calgary fans for not keeping yahoo Calgary fans in line when they overstep (effectively moderate their own). I pointed out that no fans have any obligation whatsoever to police their own, which you then actually agreed with, so you contradicted yourself there, backtracking against your original statement.

So then I put YOUR LOGIC to the test asking which Bomber fan needs to talk to you about your blanket statement towards Calgary fans and you immediately took that as a personal accusation claiming that I had called you a lunatic poster (your words, not at all mine in the slightest).

I simply restated my position on the matter and now you're getting passive-aggressive by pretending to take the high road and get out of the conversation in which you've contradicted yourself, at the same time really just trying to take a personal dig at me on the way out the door, accusing me of making 'iffy posts' and of being a faux 'moderator'.

So no, you don't get off that easily.

This all started with your assertion (no one else's, and certainly not a site guideline) that Calgary fans need to police themselves. My questioning that seems to have revealed that this assertion only applies to Calgary fans and certainly not to you. So one must now ask you ...

1 - Why are your rules for moderation only applying to Calgary fans?
2 - Why do these rules not apply to yourself?
3 - Does this possibly make you yourself arrogant - that your own rule does not apply to you?
4 - Why do you accuse me personally of trying to moderate you when you yourself are wishing for Calgary fans to be specially moderated?

All I’ll say is that although you didn’t attack me personally on this thread, and I didn’t accuse you of doing so, you did attack me personally before and your posts were removed as a result. And that was done by a moderator without a flag or complaint from me. And when you were personally insulting you didn’t get it, admit it or apologize, which is all it would take. I only flagged once very early on and am content to let the moderators do their job, or not, as you put it.

I felt as if you were trying to moderate and still do, with statements such as “no, you can’t just leave it at that” and “you don’t get off that easily”. It appears you have an inflated view of your function on this forum and I won’t listen any further to your lecturing me or respond when you jump into threads with wisdom for the unwashed about how they post. As I said, football related only with you for me. It is my wish to enjoy these forums and not spend my time in battle with other posters on this level or respond to anger in kind, which advances nothing.

Reply if you want but I am finished and looking forward to the games. I sincerely hope that you enjoy them as well.

That is so completely untrue.

Add to that the fact the only 2 teams in this league, Ottawa and B.C., have won their division (ie been to the Grey Cup) fewer times than Calgary has and it's makes it a double head shake listening to this supposed dominance.

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I'm not the one mixed up. Your very first post referred to the Riders wins over Calgary. You may want to scroll ALL THE WAY up to the top. My only comment was that only 1 of those wins came on home turf. Calgary actually plays the Riders very well in Regina so my 2nd comment only was to illustrate the point. Playing the Stamps at home before their large crowds hasn't been very successful in the last 7 seasons. The pressure is on Fajardo to win. Since Dickenson arrived they haven't won a playoff game at home.

Well if we really want to speak about past dominance, we could always talk about the 30 year dominance of the Bombers rather than the Stamps - Two cups, 7 trips, all with QB's brought into the league by clubs other than the Bombers. Look, credit to the Bombers for their season. But this isn't one for the ages. Lots of clubs have gone through full seasons with 3 losses. Excuse me if I'm not making a big deal of it. I hope for Bomber fans you DO make it to the CUP & win another coz you'll never hear the end of it if you don't. Not my circus, not my monkey.

Sorry, you're still are mixed up,

I never made reference to 2013 or 7 years.
I would appreciate you NOT suggesting words I didn't say.
Have a good day, I will not respond to you further

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Just out of curiosity. NOW WHAT?????????