Weekly Predictor: Rolling with the Roughriders

After all the months away from the CFL, through a pandemic, a cancelled season and then a shortened season, we are finally here.

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I was surprised to learn that the Riders and Stamps played 6 times between 2006 and 2013 in the playoffs and that the Riders won 5 of those and barely lost the 6th. And this after reading post after post about the Stamps excellence and playoff dominance for the last 15 to 30 years. I guess I’ll have to assume in the future that those seemingly endless pro Stamp posts are not grounded in reality. Who knew?

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I feel Saskatchewan will win this weekend. Giving a better (closer game) WF in Winnipeg.

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Considering that Winnipeg spanked the Riders back to back by a combined score of 56 - 17 and Calgary narrowly lost by a missed field goal in their only meaningful game with the Bombers. It constantly surprises me that people keep thinking the Riders will give the Bombers a better fight. Or is it just that the Bomber fans would rather see a cakewalk over their arch rival than a real WF?

Yes, I asked 'that guy' what about '97 '06 '07 '09 '10 and '13 and he never replied. Burris never beat the Riders in a playoff game, ever, btw.

But of course, previous success only counts if your team has red helmets with galloping white horses on them.


The Rider defence needs to get pressure on BM while also stopping Carey. The Riders need Powell to have a huge game as the Stamps defence will be pressuring Fajardo all afternoon long. The Riders Oline isn't good enough, the Stamps Oline though not great is good enough tomorrow.... Stamps control from the start and win by a TD. In the east, Trevor Harris leading the Als way with Khari as his coach...... this one is easy, take the Ticats by 10.

NO cakewalk at all, go back to 2019, Calgary was a boring cakewalk. They don't play well in post season, cold weather and all, plus they had a better regular season 2019 over 2021. Riders are a better post season team. CGYFan59 you don't know me, so please don't suggest what I want. I would rather loose to a team playing well than to win on a weak team. Giving the temperature in Winnipeg is expected to be -15 to -20 game time. Saskatchewan would in my opinion be the better team.


I don’t think Bomber fans care who they play for competitive reasons but the Sask-Wpg rivalry is as good as any in the CFL and I think many fans might prefer to see Sask win for that reason. Wpg and Sask fans travel back and forth between their two cities for the Labour Day Classic and the Banjo Bowl every year, although the Rider fans have the disadvantage coming to Winnipeg for the Banjo Bowl, not yet being familiar with motorized transport. They are the nearest city to each other geographically as well.

But seriously, these two rival fan bases love their teams more than any other CFL fans do and welcome each other and poke fun at each other and party together in what I would call a friendly rivalry. I have no problem with them and don’t see either fan base constantly posting about how great their team is all time and selectively citing long ago highlights of supposed greatness.

According to Stamp fans on this forum they are a lock to win tomorrow. Some Rider fan posts I have read express some doubt about their victory, which should be the realistic view of both sides and to me showcases the knowledge of Sask football fans. As a Bomber fan I repeat my prediction, for what it is worth , that Sask will win a close game tomorrow. Not because I am afraid of the ghosts of Stamps past as I am told I must be, but because they have a better starting QB and a huge home field advantage.


I am going with both winning teams home field advantage tomorrow once the playoffs start. Predicting both a Ticats and Riders victory in the semifinals.

Other teams fans and Rider fans especially love to call down the Stamps or their fans for "arrogance". Here we see the ultimate arrogance typically espoused by Rider fans. (I know you are a Bomber fan Jon, not saying otherwise). We love our team more than anybody else. This is such a dumb argument. Did you measure this love? Do you love your Jets , more than Flames fans or Canuck fans love their teams? Do you love your kids more than Torontonians love theirs? Do you love your dog more than maritimers love theirs? This point is one step above, Oh Yeah. Every teams fans love their team, ergo the term fan. Get over yourself.

Frankly I don't care what every other Stamps fan thinks. I KNOW the Stamps CAN win Sunday. Will they? I predict yes, in a very close game. Like Nye in his prediction column, I have a 0% confidence in that. Like Nye, I am a homer. In a coin flip I'm going to pick my team. I understand football enough to know this game could go either way. Sorry to disappoint you and be knowledgeable Stamps fan.

Should you be afraid of the ghosts of Stamps teams past? Of course not. You only need to be concerned about Riders or Stamps teams present. Based on the way these teams played the Bombers this year, I think the Stamps have a better chance of beating the Bombers in the WF. Personally I don't really think either team will beat the Bombers. But I think Calgary can based on the teams they are right now.

Pot meet Kettle. How often do you go ballistic, Jon, even when writers or anyone dares to not acknowledge the superiority of the Bombers. There's no question the Bombers would rather face the Riders than Calgary. The Stamps & Bombers split the season & there's 1 point between them over 2 games. On TSN radio bomber guy Hodge stated yesterday that it was concerning the Bombers gave up 10 points in less than 2 minutes at the end with most of their starters playing. If Riders win, Bombers should be ecstatic. The Stamps have a good OL, Riders don't. I can't see Riders beating Bombers but a Stamp victory over the Blue would not be shocking.

Look a little further at the record. Only 1 of those 5 wins was actually in Regina during those years. Since 2013, the Stamps have lost only 1 game in Regina over 7 seasons. They play pretty well in Regina, Jon.

You don’t love your team more than anyone else and that is a prime example of the legendary Stamp arrogance. My prime target is the inability of Stamp fans to see anything else but past, present and future success while running down all other teams and organizations. It is sheer lunacy and cult like behavior, rather than an intelligent thought out position. And you tell me to get over myself? That’s laughable. And I don’t use personal insults to make my point. The straws are falling through your fingers when you have to resort to that.

To your credit I see a more reasoned position and acknowledgment that the Stamps will win based on a tangible factor or two and your admitted homer bias, which is all I ask for. Like many I am tired of hearing about the super awesome divine like Stamps of the past and present and it is nice to hear from you that the present matters.

And I wouldn’t put any stock on the regular season games between our teams. The second one was an exhibition game that you could have easily lost and were dominated in and doesn’t matter or tell us anything. The first game was very early before the Bombers hit their stride and you used your best QB, which won’t be the case tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if that decision costs you your season

That's the issue - the way that this is phrased. We have a couple of yahoos around here from Calgary. That by no means means that all Stamp fans think speak or behave the same way. If you have an issue with a certain couple of Calgary posters, it's best to take that issue up with them individually, rather than paint them all with the same brush.

Every team has it's share of mouthy smack-talkers and more level-headed fans, and the sample size of each represented on this site is far too small to make any generalizations of any team's fans.

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I never go ballistic, unlike many Stamp fans in this forum. There’s no question the Bombers don’t care who they face. Neither team can beat them and they can only beat themselves. And don’t read too much in to the one regular season game between the two where we had the misfortune of not facing the interception machine as your starting QB. Don’t forget the Bombers best rivalry is with the Riders and they tend to try and raise their game more than when they play the Stamps. . Yes the Stamps have a better offensive line than the Riders but the Riders have a better starting QB. And we could go on and on. Good luck tomorrow. We will be watching and raring to go next week. Doesn’t matter a smidgeon who we play.

You keep talking about domination as if it means something, Jon. No team in history was dominated more than the REDBLACKS by the Elks in game 1. That a team with 97 net yards won, never mind to a team that laid over 400 yds on them, had never happened before in the CFL. Ever. What does it mean? Nothing. If you want to bring up the domination factor than that means the Bombers choked. Spin it any way you want but giving up 10 points in the final 2 minutes & losing is a classic choke job. Just like the Bombers lost the time of possession @ IGF to the Stamps but won on a missed Paredes FG with no time on the clock. These are 2 evenly matched clubs. The difference? The Bombers were the only team in the West with most of the same starters intact from 2019. Collaros said it himself. Knowing the playbook, having the same faces on the OL & DL meant they could hit the ground running. Calgary had a lot of new faces & took time to gel. They finished 6-1. I'm not a Stamp fan but Bomber fans are sure trying hard to convince themselves they can't lose. Good luck, Jon.

Yeah you do. When the Bombers were only picked to win a game by 2/3 of the weekly writers, you were beside yourself. Fajardo has yet to prove he can win a playoff game. And for those who love the guy, there was a QB named Jennings who had 5,000 yds his 1st year starting & went downhill from there. If you're looking up stats, take a look at Fajardo & Jennings. Very similar there 1st 2 years with Jennings somewhat better. Bo has proven he can win big games & has a lot of big game experience. Fajardo doesn't. All the pressure is on him in Regina. Same as Collaros in Winnipeg. They're expected to win.

There is some truth to that but it goes both ways. For the second time today a Stamp fan has called someone else Jon. See reply to WeGotTheCup (Grant) above. Both him and were replying to the fallacy that the Bombers would rather play the Riders because they are somehow weaker than the Stamps, which was the “cakewalk” issue we addressed. And if there are some “yahoo” Stamp fans as you say, shouldn’t the “non yahoo” Stamp fans be leading the charge to curb them? There is no place for yahoo fans of any stripe in this forum, in my opinion.

In any event, this weekend I will enjoy the rare catbird seat the Bombers find themselves in this year. If I were a Stamp fan I would worry about surviving tomorrow rather than their chances against the Bombers being better than the Riders chances.


They might if they wish but there is certainly no obligation to do so. That's not on them.

I didn’t say it was their obligation but I would not want Bomber fans tainted by some lunatic poster if I saw that happening.