Weekly Predictor: Rolling with the Roughriders

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I picked the Riders to win this game too. They have to. Otherwise their whole season goes down the drain. How Montreal beats Toronto is a head scratcher though. Winnipeg will lock up first place way too easily against BC which will be real drag to watch. Can't those Leos do something to protect Reilly? Are they completely brain dead in the front office?

Maybe a 'Fragile, This End Up' sticker would help. :thinking:

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Not down the dreaded drain, after the loss, the Saskatchewan team rides quietly into the sunset :boom:.

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The Stamps are double-better than at the start of the season. After the Riders lose, the Stamps will be looking to upset the Bombers before the playoffs start. The Bombers should be looking hard in the rearview mirror.

Hate to tell you this but the rearview mirror is exactly what the Bombers are looking at when searching for the Stamps.

That week 16 Stamps/Bombers game will be meaningless for Winnipeg. They'll sit everybody. Calgary on the other hand will likely still be battling for playoff positioning and will go balls out. It'll be a free win for the Stamps, but it will be no indicator whatsoever of what a possible playoff matchup might be like.

After a stellar 3-0 in Week 11, and winning the weekly prize with 750 points. I'm ready to take my hometown Argos on the road versus the Als, and the remaining Home teams in Week 12. :interrobang:

P.S. May the best teams win. :exclamation:

The stamps are rolling and confidence is high they need to finish drives with majors instead of 3’s and this one won’t be close
Winnipeg is one game away from the west final their biggest challenge will be staying focused it can get away from you quickly and a great season can be lost in 4 quarters should be fun

You might remind yourself it took a last play field goal to beat the stamps and that's when they were not playing half as good as they are today.

Exactly. They lost. If you leave it to a last goal FG attempt, then you get what you deserve.

If the Stamps are truly double better than they were then I give you they might only be 14 point underdogs to the Bombers. All remaining 4 games for Winnipeg are meaningless and they also have 2 bye weeks before the Western Final at home. Doubt it will be Calgary coming in for that one but if so I'll be interested in the style of collar Bo Levi will be sporting this year. It would be really embarrassing if the Stamps lost to Winnipeg's second unit if indeed that is who they essentially faced. Winnipeg should play all their uninjured starters at least half a game against the Stamps to keep some semblance of sharpness before a week off before the Western Final. That should be enough for the 2 points.