Weekly Predictor: Rolling with the Elks

Well, look at that. Going against my best judgment turned the tide to a perfect week.

Which leads us to this week’s option of a strategy; throwing darts at a dart board, asking my four year old, closing my eyes and pointing, or drawing names out of a hat.

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Hey, I'm with you all the way on this one. Seeing a lot of the experts on here leaning towards Elks which surprises me. Other picks not a big surprise except whether to go Argos or Stamps. :sunglasses:

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The Elks will lose badly to Trevor Harris's Montreal Alouettes, pushing their record home losing streak to 15 games in a row.
They haven't won a game at Commonwealth stadium since October, 2019!

I would not dare tell Burnham how to catch a ball but you never use your hand to break a fall because the hand or wrist is easily fractured by the force and heavy weight of the body. :grimacing:

The elk pick up one bs lucky win and as usual these bandwagon jumpers are all over them.

Elks get Tre Watson and Kenny Lawler back this week. Definitely have more weapons in the offensive bag then the last time we played Montreal.
If the defence turns in an effort like they did in Saskatchewan, should be interesting at least.....

The ball bounces funny, even the Dreaded Nanook of the north could be a bit slow, mild, mellow due to this heat wave. So Elks to squeak it out with lucky elk-shoes.

There were two things different in Saskatchewan from any other game this season.

  1. The offence moved purposefully and was balanced run-pass.
  2. The defence pulled together and played well. No big breakdowns, good rush, good run stop, secondary played well too.

The reason I picked Elks in this one? With Brown & Cornelius you have to respect the run & that keeps the D honest. Plus Stanbeck isn't in for the Als this week. Lastly, as you mentioned, they get Lawler back. With Mitchell & Walker playing well they have a good receiving trio. Should be a good contest. :sunglasses:

Although the Elks are improving the Als need this game and want to avenge their Week 2 loss to the Elks. Unless the Elks improve their poor tackling, the Als should prevail.

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I'm waiting for after today to see if Locksley is good to go too. Doesn't look like he will be back until next week though....
That and who knows how we will deploy those receivers...I really think Walker was better at SB than where he has played all year at WR.

....and it looks like Lucier-South, Morgan and Bonner are the only ones out. Kinda looks like Locksley may only see limited service. We will see when the depth chart is posted.