Weekly Predictor: Riding with the Roughriders

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You must learn to proof read your article , when you said “if Edmonton expects to upset the Elks “ ? Really how is that possible lol

I agree with all the picks this week.
-TO kicks Redblacks...BAD!!
-A typical good rivalry in TO at Hamilton will be spoiled, TO plays 2 games in 5 days.. to much to keep it close in the 4th quarter.

  • Winnipeg will "throttle" Elks.
  • B-L Mitchell will not finish the game and will be replaced by the back up.
    -Mtl will pull away from the Redblack in the 4th.
    Home teams win every game by lop sided scores... that's my call.
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I think a lot of Elks are upset in Edmonton. Poor Elks. Imagine the shame neighboring Elk herds must feel being associated with this team. :yum:

After Fajardo throwing his receivers under the bus for that loss against Calgary, I wouldn't blame the Riders Receivers if they rebel and drop more passes to let Farjardo know that it takes a full team to lose or a full team to win including the QB. Farjardo over threw his Receiver on the last play that resulted in an interception to end the drive. More of the same on a few long bombs that went too far over for the receiver (clearly beating the coverage ) went incomplete. It wasn't the receiver who screwed up! I think Farjardo is too high on himself!

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You're right, the anger factor could be huge this week. Will that work FOR Saskatchewan or will it turn around and bite them in the a**? :grin:

Yeah, Elks are a mess & now the Sunderland drama. With contact largely out of practices, they get Winnipeg @ home after 10 days off before the Ottawa game followed by another 10 day break going into Friday. One game in 20 days does not bode well IMO. After the Winnipeg doubleheader they finish the year with 5 games in 21 days, the last 3 over 6 days. Talk about a bad schedule.

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On the plus side at least the Elks won't sit on their hineys in the off-season thinking they can stand pat. Major changes are coming. Thinks will get better right? They can't get much worse. :smiley: :+1:

Big game. Riders need to win this one. Lose & Stamps are 4-5 with the season series. Stamps top 3 in big passing plays, Riders dead last in giving up big passing plays. Fajardo should be ticked but as much at himself as at his receivers. He's off target a lot.

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I picked the Riders to win because of the 'Bo' factor. Poor old Dickenson will ride his injured QB into the sunset this game while Maier will languish in reserve. Only when it's too late will Dickenson make the switch. :grin:

Problem is they haven't stood pat since Sunderland went there. Every year there's a busload of big names with little results. In 2018 they had Reilly throwing to Walker, Duke Williams, Bryant Mitchell & Gable in the backfield. How do you miss the playoffs? In 2019 below .500, with Harris, Daniels, Ellingson, Collins, Stafford, Tevaun Smith playing toss & catch & Gable in the backfield. Maas got the heave-ho. But there is something not right there. It's not lack of talent. "Culture" may well be the problem but it didn't come with Elizondo. That's been there a while. Maas, by some accounts, didn't hold his players accountable & discipline was a major problem. You have to wonder what the heck is going on. Can it get worse? With 4 of the coming 5 games vs Winnipeg & SK & that brutal stretch of 3 away games in 6 days, you ain't seen nothin' yet IMO.

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The back up is just as good with better running. So go luck with your win. Calgary D is ready

Calgary D is championship caliber. Bring it bring it...bring it

Oh wait a minute... those are all BIG NAME players. How many recievers for the Bombers cracked the top ten in the last three years? Just Lawler. And he's gone for a while. We currently have the best offense in the league and none of our recievers are superstars.

If anything you guys need to concentrate more resources on the trenches like we did. Give your QB more time to throw and his receivers (blue collar or otherwise) will get open. Blast open some gaping holes and suddenly your running backs will get way more yardage... especially in the Red Zone. Your Elks really suck in the Red Zone. Upgrade your O-Line and next year and maybe you'll be like us inside the 20 (damn near unstoppable). :expressionless:

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Im gonna stick with my prediction of Calgary winning last week and the Riders win the next 2. This weekend will be "blowout" football in the CFL. The home teams will throttle their opposition by 2 TD's or more in every game.

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Hilariously Delusional!

Fajardo is a loser.

Maxx, I never said I was an Elks fan but, to be fair they had the least sacks allowed 2 of the last 3 years. They signed Dennis, brought back Kelly & Draheim from 2019, signed Renfrow for depth. They haven't had the same starting 5 all year. They also let Ruby go. The problem there IMO is much deeper because it is a constant. They didn't have these problems when they won a Cup with Bowman & Walker - superstars. Look, the Bombers have a lot of key players who weren't brought in by mgmt. Bryant was a Calgary discovery, Jefferson started with Elks, Bighill with BC, Collaros with TO. Nothing wrong with putting a bunch of superstars together. As for the receivers, Harris had more receptions than anyone else in 2019. Why? You had a QB in Nichols who checked down at the 1st sign of trouble. It was Harris run, Harris swing pass, play action Streveler. No receivers cracked the top 10 because the top 2 together, Lawler & Adams got targeted less than the top guys. The offence has evolved because Collaros uses all the tools at his disposal. The Bomber offence is completely different from the Nichols era.

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Riders have to be sweating bullets this week. Can the Stamps beat them again??

The main problem with the Edmonton Elks & the former Eskimos the last 3 years including this season is this. The Defence can not tackle at the pro level and their special teams suck the Bag ! :hot_face:

P.S. On the plus side they do have this talented man running the ball in 2021 !