Weekly Predictor: Riding with Riders

A weird long weekend Monday nighter means not a lot of time to digest what I saw in Toronto to properly assess what that was from the the BC Lions ahead of another big game this week against Montreal.

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I don’t no how the riders don’t win big against my brutal Esks team , how do the riders come into the game banged up after the bye week ? Lol , I guess riders fans are getting excuses ready in case of an upset ! Esks are playing 3rd game in 11 days , so I don’t expect any upset , even though the poor riders are banged up , I have ZERO faith in this Chris Jones run team now , mainly due to the OLine coach and the worst OC in CFL history in MacAdoo

The BC Lions are in for a roller coaster season. Adams never demonstrated a consistent mentally healthy demeanor with the Als. Last BC game, he was awful when it came to being reliable and effective. Lots of yards passing without winning is meaningless. Every game, I wonder which Adams is going to show up. What we don’t need in BC is another Jonathon Jennings! If Adams doesn’t deliver in the first half of this week’s game, please put in Evans. If Evans succeeds, great. If he doesn’t do well, Adams can come back in and be the hero. It’s all about belief in one’s self. And that is a tenuous branch on which to sit when it comes VA.

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You should educate yourself because this is available information. Yes the Riders have been missing over 1/4 of their starters from game 1 and the 6 game list is growing. Oh and 5 National starters on the 6 game, so ya they are more than banged up. Pull your head out of the sand and stop trying to just stir the pot in Riderville.

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The schedule makers didn’t do the Elks any favours. I said at the beginning of the season they would be lucky to go 2-4 the 1st 6 games & that is unlikely to happen. I had them winning the 1st game, which they blew to be honest but in BC & then the GC champs - no chance. To follow up with a trip East to play the REDBLACKS in 4 days & then wrap up by playing the Riders - 3 games over 11 days, 4 in 17 with Hamilton on deck. That’s a brutal schedule. The REDBLACKS & Riders were generally considered teams they would have to beat out for a playoff spot. AND they have to play them in their own stadiums AND both were coming off byes while the Elks were playing on short weeks. I feel for you dealerd. That’s a BS schedule.

The schedule makers have to give struggling teams trying to win back fans some kind of break. The Bombers, on the other hand, get 1 short week & catch 4 on short weeks including the hapless Elks & their main competition, BC, at home. In essence, good team or bad, you’re looking at 3 spots on the bingo card where the Elks are pretty much automatic losses & 4 where the Bombers have built in wins. Stop with the short weeks already & level the playing field a bit for everyone.

On another note, if both Hamilton & the Elks lose this week & are winless going into their matchup in week 6, what are the odds the losing GM/Coach gets the can tied to them?

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I’m not used to seeing the Bombers referred to as “a top team”. They’ve been referred to as “the top team” for so long it’s been burned into my brain. Will I have to download some human memory erasing software from Microsoft (the Apple download is way too expensive) or will the Bombers go undefeated long enough to regain their title as “the top team”?

Change sucks.

You have lots of those injuries already and won a few games , educate yourself if that’s possible , the Esks are playing like a high school team can beat them , that and the fact they are playing 3 game in 11 days with 2 being on the road , if your sliders can beat the Esks handily , than there is definately something wrong with your team , not trying to stir the pot in sliderville , just talking sensible , I know slidernation loves to find excuses

Well “your” team is actually the Elks and you make no sense as you try and bring others down with your mood. Let the adults speak and watch, learn, and understand.