Weekly Predictor: Putting the Win in Winnipeg

The final pick of the year is here.

Over the last few years we’ve seen Toronto upset Calgary, Ottawa upset Calgary, and Winnipeg upset Hamilton, so never count out the underdog in a Grey Cup game because as a movie is aptly titled: Any Given Sunday.

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Go Toronto! I like underdogs!

Go Bombers. I dont like Toronto.

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Like the Blue Bombers in 2019, the Argos came into the playoffs this year playing their best football. That can be important although with Winnipeg, the way they approach every game, respecting every team they play and realizing that the game is played on the field, not in the standings give me faith they will come out on top. Hoping for a great game in a great atmosphere..... Go Blue

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I especially echo your last part about how the Bombers mentally approach the game. They have a huge advantage in that area as well as experience. They are coached much better from that point of view- no players biting the coaches head off during a game in full view of everyone. The Bombers will not panic at any stage of the game if they are down and they simply do not allow points when it matters in the second half and especially 4th quarter. Toronto, like BC, won’t be coming from behind to win. Their depth is also unparalleled.

Toronto could of course win, especially if Winnipeg turns the ball over frequently (as they tend to do sometimes) or they take a lot of bad penalties (as they rarely do). I am also very much against the free pass Eastern biased playoff system that allowed Toronto to be in this game by beating Montreal at home instead of BC on the road, as it should have been. For that reason alone I would like to see Winnipeg win. As the old commercial goes, they earned it.

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I am a die-hard Tiger Cat fan and would normally support an Eastern team - sorry I just can't do it. I am almost 75 years old and supporting Hogtown just ain't in my blood - however, I was about to change my history this year and support the Argos - that is until I saw MBT's temper tantrum in last weeks game. Any player who feels that they can get physical and vocal with their coach, the way MBT did, is not worth supporting. Plus, I still like Collaros - so Go Bombers Go!

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I think Winnipeg will win their next football game. Who did you say they were playing?

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The Argos won their last 6 trips.
I think the Bombers get the yips.
I'll take Toronto for the Cup.
I fear the Bombers time is up.

Pressure is on WPG.
Zach, running game and turnovers will decide.
The only regular season game in 2022 between these two teams was so close 23-22 WPG. That is without Andrew.
Expect TOR have some show.

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You've been down on the Bombers for years
I think you've had too many beers
WPG will show you again whats up
After they win another Cup :cowboy_hat_face:


Can't disagree with any of this. :+1:

I can, Harris played in the one and only meeting this year. He actually played well too. His time is up though, expect Oullette to get most of the reps and Andrew to get shut down.


I'll put 100% confidence on the Bombers. They're just better all around. Toronto had a soft end to the season and haven't faced a team even close to Winnipeg for months, the Bombers had to continue to work their a$$e$ off vs the Lions and Stamps. This won't be close, Bombers by 20.

Blue, my record is on display every week. I bet the Bombers a lot. BUT let the record show I predicted a split between the Als & Bombers week 9 & 10 (though I expected them to hold serve @ home). I predicted the Bombers would lose to Hamilton (AND Elks take Riders week 15 ( made some REAL money on REAL bets). And I believe I had them losing to BC week 19. Also picked them last week.

Not sure why you say I'm down on the Bombers. I pick 'em as I see them. I just don't think they're as good as everyone says they are. We've seen better teams the last 10 years. Problem today is lack of QB's unlike pre-pandemic. You have Maier, not Mitchell in his prime, Cornelius not Reilly in Edm, Fajardo not Durant, Arbuckle not Burris in Ottawa, McBeth not Ray & Harris in TO, Evans not Collaros & Masoli in Hamilton. But, should they take a 3rd straight, full credit to them. Teams don't get to pick the era they play in. Not meaning to offend Bomber fans. I like Toronto to win because I like Toronto to win.

That’s a fair enough explanation, but I still don’t see any better teams over the last ten years.

Sure you pick em like you see them. I just think you need glasses :smiley:

If the league is not up to your standards, its probably due to the historical stink coming from Edmonton :astonished:
The league is not nearly as watered down as you make it, there have always been 2 or 3 top teams, and this year was no different. Lastyears Bomber squad was an all time great, and this years set a win record (didn't you claim they would have trouble even making the playoffs?)


Didn't pick them for 1st, no, but miss the playoffs - no. Never said that. I figured with Winnipeg & Hamilton being the oldest & 2nd oldest teams in the league they would drop back. Well, Hamilton did & has some work to do yet to get younger. Winnipeg, Blue, let's just say I might have been a year early on them. That's for another day.

Good luck in the big game. I've got nothing riding on it so I can just enjoy it & whatever happens happens. Believe it or not, I'm OK either way. But my money's on the Argos, so yeah, I'd like to make some dough. Long as they cover the spread.

So your money is sort of on the Argos, straight up... what we betting? I’ll be there to watch the Bombers hoist the GC once again, you can pay me when it happens.

So.....you admit that you were wrong? :thinking:

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The fire has been extinguished once again.