Weekly Predictor: Leaning in on the Lions

The 2024 season is underway!

Some of the things we learned in Week 1 are as follows; Montreal is set to defend their title, the Bombers need to knock some off-season rust off, Bo Levi Mitchell has fresh legs, Jake Maier is ready to prove the doubters wrong, Shawn Bane Jr. is prepared to best last season’s career best, Edmonton still knows how to cough up wins, Vernon Adams Jr. needs help up front, and Toronto’s defensive line is still ferocious!

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Ouellette’s game was in the 'toi’lette last game. The Hamilton DL was off as well. But with Hendrix & Sayles in the middle, Menard & Barlow on the ends, I’m not betting on AJ running all over the TiCats. The Cats have a VG front 4 IMO who will perform a lot better this week.