Weekly Predictor: Leaning in on the Lions

Well, here we go again!

Welcome to another CFL season and another year of getting shady CFL Pick ‘Em presented by Old Dutch advice from this prognosticator.

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I have to go with my Tiger Cats against the Bombers - Hamilton by 10 !!!

Seems rider nation is hanging their hat on a 4 pass performance against the “last chance Charlies” for Winnipeg by Harris.
Hope the Elks get early pressure and a sack or two early - that usually rattles Harris for the whole game…Add to that their “new” Oline has not played a full lineup of starters yet either. Can they hold back the d-line? (without holding the dline?)

Coming from a fan that last year cheers for a team that had what, 4 wins… If ya gonna chirp you should at least wait to see how improved the team actually is. They might we very well be much improved, but it also might take 3 games into the season to see this. Not to mention those that know much more about football have also said the Riders are much improved too… .
Me, I plan to just enjoy the season and hope my team improves… But I also ain’t gonna cry and make crap posts about teams whom I go not like
Not only that but guarantee if the Elk lose you will be claiming it because the Riders played dirty.

These the experts you refer to?