Weekly Predictor: Leaning in on Ottawa

After last season’s disaster of a start, I’ll take 3-1 all day. Although, being the only one to take the Edmonton Elks burns, but I love taking a risk so I thought it was worth it.

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My picks are the same except for Cal/Ham. Coach Steinhauer is going to have the Cats fired up and they hate to loose at home (doesn't happen often). I think we will see a rebound and a team that will challenge for the Eastern title.

Jamie, tell it like it is! Got a smile from that statement, so diplomatic.

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Ott- in a nail biter!

Winnipeg may not be strong as in 2021 for sure. BC needs to prove more with new QB.
But it may come down to 4th place crossover fight in Oct/November?
SK offense is enthusiastic like 2021, but need to perform. Ottawa can win if no mistake made and Ham/Elk can bounce back. My take: Montreal/Ottawa/Hamilton and SK

As much as i hope you are correct the front O line is not yet ready for prime time in Hamilton… it is too bad they are playing calgary who run over top of them

should be a good game

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