Weekly Predictor: Confidence in the Tiger-Cats

Total CFL Pick ‘Em is back for 2021, allowing fans to pick a winner and set their confidence level in every game this season. It’s free to play, and with weekly winners and a season-long prize of your name etched on the Grey Cup Fan Base and $1,000 in cash, there’s nothing to lose. *View rules regarding streaks and prizing.

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What the... don't tell me the Bombers are starting to get some respect. Am I awake or am I dreaming this? I... I might have to pinch myself...

That's going to leave a mark.

That rowdy Winnipeg home crowd advantage should give you more than 25% confidence in your pick. I understand that the Roughriders will be out for revenge but if nothing much changes in the line ups then your confidence level ought to be higher. Mine's near 'bet the farm' level. :smiley: :+1:

This 2021 season has been extremely difficult to pick the winner straight up with CFL Pick'Em. Having said that I will defer my picks till the right time comes. :rofl:

P.S. Past history 2017-54 Wins 26 Losses Rank 773rd
2018-48 Wins 32 Losses Rank 2,207th
2019-62 Wins 19 Losses Rank 613th
2021-8 Wins 11 Losses Current Rank 2,340th
The Best is yet to come-Good luck to all Players ! :canada: :football: