Weekly Predictor: Confidence in Calgary

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Toronto vs Montreal is the 'Game of The Week' on paper but I'll bet Edmonton puts up a fight against Hamilton. That Elk defense can keep them in the game and poor Masoli might be running for his life. Looking forward to watching this one! :smiley: :+1:

Quote from this Article " I’m intrigued by is the CFL’s top rusher William Stanback vs the CFL’s No. 1 run defence." Really ? I thought that Winnipeg was the top Defence (run or pass) ! Calgay's Carey in 2nd game ran all over Rider defence !

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Yeah well they are playing Ottawa genius..

Riders allow the fewest rush yds/game (cfl.ca stats) but Craig Dickenson himself said after the 1st 2 games vs Stamps that his DL is not very good shutting down the outside. Good in the middle but continually exploited by Carey outside. Winnipeg is 3rd yds/game allowed only Toronto has allowed more avg yds/carry than the Bombers to this point. Personally, I think Stanbeck will give the Riders all they can handle, Stampfan. I see Stamps & Riders tied again for 2nd after this week. Suits me fine.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, Jamie. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It will be the best game of the week. Old fashioned slug fest, nail biter to the end. Each team has good backs. Mtl receivers are better than advertised. Riders receivers are poised to break out. Game will be won in the trenches... May not be good for the Rider O-line. They have struggled.

Here are my picks for Week 13-Stamps-Cats-Argos-Als.
May the best team win. !