Weekly Predictor: Betting on the Tiger-Cats

What a start to the playoffs!

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats defence smothered the Montreal Alouettes while they dished up some crow to Patrick Levels in the Eastern Semi-Final and then the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders kept us glued to an overtime classic.

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I agree with the picks, but may the better team not win in Winterpeg. Bombers are heavy favourites, it will be cold and they have not played meaningful football in some time. Hopefully, by some miracle it benefits my Riders enough that they pull out a similar fate to 1989. Go Riders! Go Huskies !

Rider fans such as yourself Jamie will try and talk themselves into believing anything right now just to give them hope. At least you picked the Bombers, but good try in selling "this game will be close" to Rider Nation.

Hopefully the Bomber players have the same attitude! Goliath meets David!

I’m sure the Bombers will come in with the same attitude they’ve had all season. I’m just calling it as I see it, much as others will call it as they see it. I’m not being over confident, but just read the article closely.... this is a writer hopin and a prayin.

and I am right there with him. No way we have 17% chance of winning, way less than that. 100% better though then the teams that are out.

I think that Toronto might pull it off. Hamilton had luck on their side against the Als, as well as having the Als on Hamilton's side too.

Hope this helps,The Grey Cup is in Hamilton,the participants are The Toronto Argonauts and the Sask RoughRiders

I think it will be the Argos and the bombers, unless the Bombers go through a major implosion.

David, but who is David? Duke Williams may very well be David! Haha :medal_military: :football: :musical_note:

There is no such thing as flipping a switch in Football-Jamie Nye. How often does a Defensive line have back to back game games with 5 or more sacks :question: This is the Argos home game to lose, having defeated the Cats 3 out of 4 meetings in this crazy 2021 season. :anchor: :sos: