Weekly Predictor: Betting on the Alouettes

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Jamie Nye,

You first said:

"Bottom line is this. Go with your gut. My gut tells me I need to eat more vegetables so to heck with the gut."

Then you said:

"I’m willing to regret this pick but my gut thinks there will be one upset this week."

My gut says you should take your first advice and not go with your gut! lol

I agree with your first 3 picks. I have the Bombers at home. My upset pick would be the Elks at home, for Win number 1 out of 7 Home Games. :bangbang:

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I'm going to preface this by giving full disclosure that I'm an Als fan so I'm by no means unbiased. I do know football very well and nothing I say will be incorrect. However, calling what I'm about to say as nothing more than wishful thinking would be a valid critique. I'm hopeful, not delusional. LOL

The Als CAN win this game. The keys to beating the Bombers for us are William Stanback and the most effective pass rush in the CFL. Our 44 sacks are tops in the league and 7 more than second-place (Riders). If we can disrupt Collaros' rhythm, we just might have a chance.

Having said all of that, I'm still not going to hold my breath. I don't really see the Bombers losing another game this year.

If there's going to be an upset this week it'll be BC. I doubt it tho. I don't think BC's o-line can handle Hamilton's front right now. If it wasn't for that it could be a rather even matchup, but Hamilton's front 7 is a decided advantage here.

I gotta call you on the sack leaders braggadacio as I believe the stats are skewered. If memory serves the Als got 10 sacks in one game against Ottawa. The Bombers don’t even get to play Ottawa and I do not know offhand if the Riders do. In this weird schedule COVID year I believe many stats are skewered based on the strength of opponent difference, as is very evident here. Things will be less skewered when the schedule returns to a more balanced format. I don’t disagree that the Als are among the better sacking teams this year and their leader is generally considered in the top 3, but I think it is a stretch to claim a sack title based on skewered statistics. Cheers!

The ‘keys to beating the Bombers’ are keeping Harris upright. Arbuckle beat us by frustrating our defense. Quick passes, moving around in the pocket, running like a bat out of h*** for an extra ten or fifteen yards… are none of the things that Harris can do behind that creaky offensive line in Montreal.

When Toronto had their way with us we were without Darvin Adams, Andrew Harris, Nick Demski, the ‘Fridge’, Janarian Grant, and our kicking game was a mess. On top of that Zack Collaros was still working out ‘the rust’ while getting used to his new offensive coordinator (Buck Pierce). I think we’re much improved now. :smiley: :+1:


Well, I'm pretty sure that I did preface the post with the fact that I'm an Als fan and I ended it with "I don't expect the Bombers to lose another game this year". I didn't really have hope, I just stated that these were the Als only hope for winning. I said that they COULD win, I never said that they WOULD win. TBH, I gave them a 1 in 4 chance, no better.

We're improved, sure, but I don't think that we're improved enough to beat Winnipeg. I don't think that the Bombers will suffer another loss this year. They're going to run the table all the way to hoisting the Cup. I only hope that the two losses against them don't cost us a playoff spot.