Weekly Predictor: Betting on Edmonton

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I'm not too concerned about the Ruby situation. Dropping a key member in the middle took some guts, so you gotta give them credit. But Saxelid has filled in @ G & T since the tail end of last year & pretty much plays if healthy. Currently he's @ LT but if SirVincent is finally ready, a move to G would be fairly smooth.
The biggest factor in this game is COVID. How many of the 13 are sitting out for the LD match? Rumours abound right now that neither Derel Walker or Shai Ross are playing. With the layoff & little time to prepare, maybe a couple of practices, I have to think the Stamps have a pretty significant advantage this coming game.


stamps have dominated these next two games in recent seasons, not much will change this season. Elk look to be in turmoil

Agreed. Stamps win. The Evil Empire has died.

Stamps always seem to rebuild in quick time, Right now it looks like it took 3 games and they always seem to be the one team that always finds talent at the QB position

This article says the Alberta game is Sunday? That's not what the CFL schedule says. Methinks we have another boo-boo. Do you guys want a proof reader?

They do not want a proof reader...but they really do need one


I find it pretty amazing that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have only lost once at Mosaic for the past "15 years" Home sweet home ! :upside_down_face:

Yeah, this is really amazing. Not every team could be proud of a result like this one. Their matches are really fun to watch, and the way how they play them, can provoke me a heart attack from time to time, especially when I make a huge bet. I am lucky to have my back covered by https://betadvisor.com.sg with their match analysis and predictions, otherwise I doubt that I would such a successful gambler, I most likely would have lost all my money by this moment.