Weekly Predictor: Believing in the Edmonton Elks

Ottawa’s win on Thanksgiving Monday has added a whole new wrinkle to the playoff race as they proved they can beat Montreal and now they have them at home on a short week.

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We seem to think alike or, every so often, almost completely opposite. My picks exactly.

Montreal - why? Als let one get away last week & they need this one.

Calgary - Why? Hamilton is 0-7 on the road, Calgary is looking @ 2nd place.

Edmonton - Why? They're due, should have beat Als. You're right - Elks give up 5.2 yds/rush, worst in league. Argos give up 5.1 - Brown/Cornelius presents a problem. Interesting stat - Dhillon Mitchell has 6 straight games with catch of 44 or more yds.

BC - Why? Had them picked on this site before knowing Zach sits. Zach sits, BC still in battle with Stamps for 2nd. Need to win to keep pace.

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