Weekly Predictor: Believing in the BC Lions

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The Title of this Article is "Believing in the BC Lions"! Really? With ZERO confidence ? More Believable if it was "Believing in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers", since Jamie, you have 100% confidence in that pick !!!!
Maybe the Title should of read " NOT BELIEVING IN THE BC LIONS" ???


The only thing I believe about the Lions is that they are nowhere as good as tsn keeps hyping them to be. The only real contest will be over who's ass gets kissed the most during the broadcast, Bo Levi, or Reilly.


We're rapidly becoming a 'same old thing' team. I'm not used to it yet. We were always middle of the road until that last minute trade in 2019. I suppose we... and by 'we' I mean EVERY team in this league owes a big thank you to Toronto for giving us the final piece of the puzzle. :boom: :anger: :partying_face:

I believe the Lions will lose at home versus the Calgary Stampeders, in Week 11. I also believe that the Lions will lose there 3rd consecutive game :sunglasses: :bangbang:

Pretty much my thoughts as well. The title didn't match the story at all.

Unless you are a Winipeg fan, I don't think any one should have any confidence at all. Lions, Stamps, and Riders are all pretty close. Shame on the Lions, their QB has more rushing yards then their feature back. Stamps QB looks like he has lost a step or two. Fortunately for them they have a pretty good one backing him up. The Riders strength has always been a great core of recievers, not seeing that this year. Stamps/100% confidence/52 points.